Xmas pressies

I know there’s a thread for what you want but what’s an awesome present to give to particular family members, maybe focussing in your significant other?
I want to get the cheese and kisses a coffee machine or a mountain bike. Or a bike that makes coffee, but I’m not sure Tesla’s invented that yet.

Tesla has a submarine he’s not using if you wanted that


I know what the SMJ household is getting.


I’m getting @SMJ a personality. Hopefully it will be here by Xmas.


Noise cancelling headphones if she travels.
Kitchen aid stand mixer if she cooks
Activewear is she gyms.

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We should all chip in and get Diggers a breadmaker as it seems only stale stuff is available in Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan where he lives. And it seems to really upset him.


What is upsetting is you onion spillers over there not realising there is a better way to house a sausage. Then you stuff it up by spilling your onions and we over here lose the choice of where to place our onions because you dorks don’t know what you’re doing.


*popcorn opening *

Nobody’s judging you on where you store the sausage. But can we get back to the discussion you naughty little boy?


My personality tells you to SHUT UP DIGGERRRRRRRSSSSSSZSZSZZZ111

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Honestly, what utter farkbag thought those up?

What’s a Yellies?

You went there, Onion Boy.

Thinks *Fucken Bun eaters, … :roll_eyes:

I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been there, and the thought is frankly distressing.

Not sure what that means but stop spilling your onions and we’ll all be better off.

You don’t want to know.

So here’s an explanatory clip:

The, Bart. The.

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2 words: ■■■■ Christmas
Have hated it since I turned 16 and gran stopped giving me vast amounts of money every year


LMW is all about the cutie corns and the palettes this year.

I only care about the rotisserie turkey we do every year.

family is secondary.