Yesterday v Hawks

If Essendon continue to play like they did for 3/4 they are unlikely to win against the Saints, Port, Bulldogs, Crows, Pies and even the Eagles over in Perth. We only beat the Eagles by a point last year. I was very disappointed with the Round 1 team selection:

  • The coach likes to play two ruckmen, so on a day when it was going to be 45 degrees out on the MCG they picked one ruckman who is pushing 36 years of age. Nothing against Goldy who played well, but where was the support?
  • Jones is a waste of space and time. He belongs in the VFL until his contract expires. He will never be an AFL player, particularly a CHF.
  • I feel sorry for Reid. He hasn’t the body to be a successful backman. He keeps breaking down.
  • In general play so many players don’t look for the best option. Yesterday, time and time again players kicked or handballed to a player who was competing against two opposition players.
  • The ease the Hawthorn players moved the ball from their backline to their forward line with little or no pressure on the ball carrier. Just as well the Hawks couldn’t kick straight, Essendon could have been easily 5 goals behind at halftime.
  • Until Ridley is available the configuration of the backline needs immediate attention. As much as supporters wonder why Weideman was drafted as a forward, I think his best position is Reid’s position, The Weid is what? 197 cm. tall and 100 kl. in weight. He played several games last year very effectively as a backman in the VFL. He is big and strong and would support McKay. Don’t waste him in the VFL when we play the Swannies next weekend.
  • I would have picked Laverde over Jones any day.
  • Coach Scott, when coach of North had a fair amount of success with limited talent. So far, the Essendon players don’t seem to be on the same page as the coach.
  • To have a chance, all be it a likely small one, the side needs an input of players who have hopefully got over their injuries: Draper, Parish, Hobbs, Weideman, Caddy or Laverde. I think Shiel and Ridley may need more time.
  • OUT - Jones, Reid, Duursma, Gresham maybe Menzie.
  • The 2023 team managers/selectors may have delisted the wrong player when they showed D’ Ambrosio the door?

So, There’s this thing called a match review thread…