"You can't log in… from that IP address"

“You can’t log in as percebushby from that IP address.”

That’s the message I just received. I have 2 IP addresses, because I have 2 ISPs, one from the landline, the other mobile. I’ve logged in many times from both without problem.

Now all of a sudden, Blitz spits the dummy over the mobile one. I’ve had to log in via the landline. That’s okay, while I’ve still got a landline. The thing is I’ll be getting rid of the landline soon, because I don’t want Trumble’s degraded NBN.

I’ve cleaned the caches — still won’t let me in. What’s the story ?

The AFP are onto you


Can you send me a screenshot via PM

How many of the joke accounts are you?


IP bans sorry m8.

I think we found out who kayla2 is.


I have the same problem. If you log in via VPN then just never log out even if you go off VPN it’s fine

It’s happened to me a few times when I’ve tried to log in. Rebooting the machine didn’t work and I had to unplug it from the wall and start all over again. Each time this fixed the issue but nothing else seems to work. The IP address is unchanged from when I joined over ten years ago.

And Donnington.


Not heather mills though. I think that really is heather.

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It took me a long time to twig onto donnington. Whoever did that took the slow burn. I thought it was just a nuffie.


Preliminary_Point2 pls.


Think he (he?) is real

Can confirm it’s all me. Well, 85%.


This happens because:

  • All traffic to Blitz is routed through Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare only uses a few IPs
  • When someone gets banned or marked as spam their IP is blacklisted
  • That means other people can be inadvertently banned/blocked as well, because Cloudflare will use the same IP for multiple accounts

So it is not an issue of:

  • Your router
  • Your cookies
  • Your browser

If resetting these things works for you it is by happenstance, not circumstance.

As of this moment I don’t have a good fix. Just posting what I know for now.


Thanks for the explanation, Riolio. It 's enlightening.

By the way, I’m on my mobile broadband right now: the situation had fixed itself when I fired up the computer this morning, so I can’t provide you with a screenshot.

Of course I’m not kayla2. (kayla2 is kayla rebooted.) Nor am I donnington: the Mick Jagger imitator that made that insulting suggestion can go straight to Dobson’s Ignore list.

One only. But it hasn’t been activated for nigh on ten years.

Hmm… now that’s a thought, David…

Is this why I can’t start a thread @Riolio ?

Hmm. What errror is that giving you?

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Error: please don’t ruin another player


So Trip is screwing us even in his absence. What an ■■■.hole