"You can't log in… from that IP address"


That’s just your Russian tin foil hat talking.


Can’t load the bomberblitz page at all tonight on my PC. Works on mobile.
After a while message appears ‘Can’t load app’.
Can load any other .com. Or .co.m.
au site.


I got that too


this was another error. probably a good thing i couldn’t get on, would’ve gotten banned anyway.


That’s the same error I got.


I didn’t even get an error tonight, it just didn’t load at all.


Mine said my IPAD was not connected to the internet . It was and worked for all sites except for Blitz. I’m with Telstra mobile internet.


I think it might’ve been a telstra issue because i had issues with other sites too in this time (telstra adls/telstra mobile).


Fark Telstra.


exit contract early thanks to morning without internet a week or so ago, and night without blitz tonight?


I’m actually disappointed it was just Telstra and not Blitz dying. I wanted to say “I’ll graph this week’s game day thread” and just post this:

Summarises our season well too.


This one more likely to be a connection error at your end, since it hasn’t reached Cloudflare or the Server.


I had that, too.


My site went down too.

It was an error between Telstra and Cloudflare accelerated sites.


This makes sense. Cloudflare runs a hell of a lot of the internet.


The button is grey (not sure if it’s supposed to be) and when I hover my mouse turns into the red circle with the diagonal red line (“not allowed” sort of thing) and clicking does nothing.


Wait it’s fixed… good job?




Just an FYI, I noticed this morning the login screen was different with the input boxes much smaller. I could still log in. I’m using Safari on an iPhone 3GS.



I couldn’t access bomberblitz on my phone (with telstra) on Saturday night when I was at the MCG.

Other websites seemed to be working fine.

Seems to be OK now.

I don’t have any other accounts.