"You can't log in… from that IP address"


There is no way you’re using an iPhone 3GS


Why? I am.




I wanted to go 10 years with it, but I’ll probably fall a year short. It has struggled a tad since Optus dropped 2G. But I’m hanging in there and plan to upgrade if Apple update the iPhone SE.


I worked it out. I can make a topic in “all categories” and select DF Hangar but can’t go into the Hangar and make a topic from there. Not that it matters, just letting you know


How’s the dialup going too?

Actually if they update the SE I might get it too.


It’s working well, although I’m finding Mosaic a bit slow these days.


You need a really long coaxial cable to connect to the modem too. What’s the point of having a “mobile” phone otherwise?


Can enyone explain how I can connect to Blitz using my Samsung Tablet using my PC’s wi fi, but I can’t connect using my PC.
This has only just happened, and I can connect to all other web site addesses I have tried.
Comes up with messages ‘this site can’t be reached’ & ‘this site ha experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired’.
Got me stumped.


Any VPN in use??

Psiphon perhaps?




too much ■■■■


or not enough ■■■■




Clear the cookie?






Done that, no different.
Another message I get is ‘Cannot securely connect to this page. This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings’.
Any suggestions @Riolio


Have you tried a few diff browsers, … or just the one?


Tried about 4 all the same.