Your Death Row Match

Did this with some friends over the weekend. Much like your last meal, what if you were allowed to watch one last football match. Which one would you choose. For me there is a couple of obvious ones.

The '84 GF
The Comeback game
There are a couple of ANZAC games including Zaharakis in 2009
I love the Adelaide Prelim in 93

But I reckon I would go slightly left of centre and in the same year, the Salmon vs Ablett, Rnd 6 1993. Ablett with 14 goals, Salmon with 10. Brilliant footy.


Same games for me as well also

The one where Neile Daniher kicks winning goal against the Blues was 1981 I think

1993 GF

The one where Silvagni kicks in and Lucas scores a goal in the final minutes.

The one at Waverly when the Blues used to have their 3rd quarter Blitz’s and the one which I remembered yesterday morning.

Was in the 80’s as I was living in Mildura at the time and I was sitting in the WentworthFC clubrooms watching. Was against Sydney in Sydney we were about 20/24 points downs with about 5/6 minutes to go in the last and we got up and won.

The one against Melbourne going into the last quarter and we were about 40 points down. (also the 80’s)

All I can remember at off the top of my head at the moment. (funny most are against the Blues :grin:)

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It wasn’t a win but Kernahan kicking out on the full in '93 when a point would have been good enough was a memt I won’t forget. One of those draws that felt like a win. Couldn’t believe he could miss everything from where he was.

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The one true and greatest ANZAC Day match. Was 1992. Down by 41 at three quarter-time and 47 shortly afterwards.

Is my single-most watched game/quarter of all time.

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93 preliminary m for mine.
Not only an epic win, but I also followed Godra end to end that year.


1992, yep (don’t know why I thought it was the 80’s), probably remembering wrong again, but it was Wanga who kicked the winner from nearly the middle of the ground, wasn’t it ?

Yep, was at that match with my brother, left feeling like winners.

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Me too. Was sitting in the old Ponsford Stand which was the end he was kicking. I was with a couple of Carlton fans.

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Had its own separate video release with the heading “lest we forget”

I would want to watch the 1999 Prelim.

I would then very very happy to die.


Wanganeen kicked it from fifty on a 45 degree angle, from a holding the ball free. He’d had two similar chances on the opposite flank in the second quarter, and fell short both times.

Salmon finished with seven goals, including four in the last quarter.

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The Hird should step down match against fremantle or the booing of Jobe Watson in 2013.

There’s about 5 matches that year that were great.

  1. Vander Haar’s comeback game in 78 vs Richmond at Windy Hill.
    3/4 we were five goals down, kicked nine in the last to win by 20 odd points.

  2. 1989 vs West Coast at Windy Hill.
    160 to 18. Close to the best football I have ever seen (including the 2000 final against North)

And finally round 2 1972 vs South. The first game I ever went to. Made a wide eyed 12 year old an Essendon supporter for life.
Tuddy, Blethyn, Cassin, Roberts, Noonan, Davis, Fletcher, McKenzie and my favourite Fields.
What I would give to see that game again.


Any of the wins against the Hawks ice the last 8 years or so would probably do me but other highlights off the top of my head but mentioned so far.

99 v roos is certainly up there

93 prelim

Was it 2009 v saints, Saint Nick miss

2010? V Geelong

Both Pies h&a games in 1990

2000 mid year v Carlton - kouta knee injury v JJ (yes I’m a shit person)

93 h&a v wc

89 qualifying final v Geelong

Id probably forgo the football replay and do some farking, to be honest. But that’s me



I’d add the replay to food and sex.

George Costanza trifecta

ANZAC day 2013. Just for Jobe and GUMBY. The last quarter where we pulled away is probably up there with the best feelings Ive had at the footy.

For me, the 1993 Grand Final. It was a bunch of kids having the time of their lives playing a game and winning a flag. The joy of football.