Your Top 10 Simpsons Episodes

Yes it’s another Top 10 list, deal with it

In no particular order:

Cape fear- best sideshow bob episode, easily my favorite episode of all time.

Homer goes into space

Lisa on Ice- Bart and lisa play ice hockey

Bart Star- Homer coaches bart in pee wee football

You only move twice- Hank Scorpio, Hammock district. Just great jokes/gags all episode

Who short Mr Burns Parts 1 and 2(im counting this as 1)

Homer at the Bat- great jokes, Homer gets to be the hero even if he can’t remember it. Shave those sideburns etc

Springfield Files- x files visits springfield. Wall to wall jokes, plus my favourite Moe gag

The springfield connection-Marge becomes a cop

The City of New York v.s Homer Simpson


That’s an excellent list, but it’s impossible to fit them all in.

I’d try to find room for:

The one where Marge goes to work for Mr. Burns at the power plant.

The one where Homer is prescribed medicinal marijuana and he and Otto hang out in the attic.

The one where he reverts to being a hippy and makes a special batch of juice out of the two old guys’ “personal plants” (and he finds out his middle name is ‘Jay’).


Hank scoprio


When the Simpsons came to Australia. We used to make the students write an essay on satire using this episode as an example. They hated writing the essay but enjoyed watching it again and again! Same for me.

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Always my number 1.


Stonecutters! “I’m just going outsiiiiide toooo stalk Lenny and Carrrrrl. D’oh!”


“Fear of Flying” was always on repeat for me.

So many classic lines


Lisa gets an A

The demise of pinchy brought tears to my eyes.

  1. $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)
  2. You Only Move Twice
  3. Homer at the Bat (now I’ve got We’re talking soofftttballl stuck in my head)
  4. Marge vs the Monorail
  5. Last Exit to Springfield
  6. And Maggie Makes Three
  7. Homer the Great
  8. Homer’s Enemy
  9. Deep Space Homer
  10. El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer

Impossible robbo.

Everything up till season 8 then it went generic.


I could easily do 20, but I’ll try to keep it to ten. Also, if you asked me again next week I’d probably change out half of them.

  1. Last Exit to Springfield
  2. Duffless
  3. Bart the Lover
  4. Bart Sells His Soul
  5. Itchy & Scratchy Movie
  6. Mr. Plow
  7. Lisa’s First Word
  8. Lisa’s Wedding
  9. Weekend at Burnsies
  10. Holidays of Future Passed

Honorable Mensch: The entire 3rd and 4th seasons


1 You only move twice
2 Homers enemy
3 Marge vs the monorail
4 Cape Feare
5 Homer at the bat
6 Lisas Substitute
7 $pringfield
8 The sherry bobbins one (■■■■ spelling that)
9 Lisa gets an A
10 Bart vs Australia

If you don’t have You only move twice at 1 do you even Simpsons.

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true, there is just so much quality in those early seasons.

I almost put in treehouse horror V- homer goes full shining, and when he goes back in time and can’t touch anything.The 3rd act when the teachers are cannibles was weak so i didnt put it in

For a comedy- the simpsons had some really heart warming moments, especially in those first few seasons.

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What’s the softball game episode? And the Mr Johnson scene. CLASSIC.

Wacking day.

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I’d need to think very carefully about my top 10, but easily my favourite is the one where he gets accused of sexual harassment.

“Sweet can, sweet-sweet-can”

“There’s Homer Simpson in the oven, rotating slowly”

“Your tears say more than real evidence ever could”


Does this sound like a man who had all he could eat…


The softball episode is called Homer at the Bat

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My eight year old son was asked as part of a school assignment to write about three public holidays and their meaning. His teacher was still laughing when he spoke to us about my son’s serious inclusion of Wacking Day. Son got a pass on the assignment.


Mr Thompson??

If so Cape Feare

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