Zac Clarke

Currently not signed at Fremantle and has had to put with being number 2 to Sandialnds since his career started.

Would be relatively cheap to get and would appreciate almost being an equal to Leuenberger and Bellchambers here.

Pea heart. No thanks.

Poor mans Smack, enough said

Softest player in any sport in any country

Poor mans Smack, enough said

Although I understand your point, he’s different because he’s tall enough to win hitouts, which is smacks key flaw that ruins his usefulness.

Both massive underperformers for their theoretical potential though.

No way, I have watched him play this year and I do not want us to even think about picking him up. Not up to AFL standard.



Words fail me.


He only excels when he’s the number one ruck and he’ll be behind Looney.
He’ll be off to Richmond as well where he’ll get the opportunity.

Plus, he hasn’t replicated the form of three years ago enough to warrant consideration.

Just not for us.

Meh; no thanks

Never change Pazza.

I don’t think we need him…TBC at his best (if he can ever get back to it, ie. like 2013) is way more useful than this bloke

2 years ago my Freo mate said he was the one player on their list that was going to explode in prominence. Didn’t he go HAM when Sandi was out but struggles when not playing #1 ruck? Has he gone downhill since then?

Everytime I watch Freo and Sandi isn’t playing, Griffin seems to be playing number 1 ruck.

I’m not sure Clarke is even number 2 at freo.


Liked him on SVU but not on the footy field.

Softest player in any sport in any country

Underrated post