#12 Mark Baguley


I’ve had him pegged as a delistee for a long time, but now i’m half thinking we should give him one more year


He’s an absolute beauty. Got me off my seat a few times last night. So good to see him contribute.


After Anzac Day I had him cooked, but in this forward role he’s reinvented himself. Now getting some reward with goals too. The last one where he marks in the goalsquare was a lovely piece of bodywork.




And what about that mark he took in the third! Was he smiling on the way down? :grin:


Chris "you don’t want to spend the end of your career forward’ Judd. eat your heart out.


I have always been a fan. Tough as nails, and always gives a contest. Great to see him take a speccy like that and provided a cool head in front of the sticks. Could have had a real ‘Bag’ last night. Must go around again next season.


I only have one criticism of his game right now, the tiny head band. Go full head band or get a hair cut.


Very Adam Zampa style.


I think we should move on


That is probably the rational call.


I would rather keep Bags, keep him up forward and move Raz more midfield.


Madness if the club keeps him beyond this year. Has the occasional glimpse of form and gives his all but he is teetering at the edge of the cliff and the drop off will come very quickly.


People have been saying that for over a year. In the meantime Bags replies, by lifting his game to a new level.


Was good yesterday but has been poor for the last couple of weeks. From here on you would think he will play more bad games than good ones. The signs are already there with his lack of pace and kicking difficulties


Bags is one of our most honest performers, week in week out and as a mature aged recruit he leaves it all on the park, every game. This year he has provided forward pressure that Jerrett and others can only dream of! He’s tough too, never takes a backwards step and as we’ve seen he can take a great mark and hit the scoreboard too. For a first season playing forward, regardless of his age, he provides something quite unique and IMHO certainly has more good footy in him. We missed out on the youth option of Ronke unfortunately, but Bags is a hard body with a ton of experience and he makes good team decisions. There’s a few on our list that probably need to be moved on at end of season but for me, Bags is not one of them.


12.4 for the year, and going at 75.6% disposal efficiency which is 2nd best of any of our forwards.

I wish all our forwards had his “kicking difficulties”.


Accuracy not the issue. Didn’t make the distance from 40m twice last week and 30-40m is about his range now


Bags is a heart and soul player and should get another year contract.

We lack experience and need him in our squad of 26 every week, unless injured.


When he’s on and tracking defenders with serious intent he lifts the team and supporters alike. He’s kicking goals too so he’s “playing his role” to perfection. Think he may have earned another year on the list. Well done Bags!