#12 Mark Baguley


I’m 50/50. For mine it’s really depends on how much he will be on, and who we bring in. If he is on minimum coin I don’t mind him staying on. At worst he is really good depth to have


Corey McGrath was there around the same time as Bannister


RIP Bags


I think Bags will have a leaner contract but I reckon he’s still required


I’d keep bags before I kept long


I’d keep Bags too but I thought I heard his contract was dependent on us getting a “big fish”, hence us putting off his contract past most others?


Reckon Bags will find out where he stands once we have finished trade period.


Pretty sure it was dependent on the total outcome of trade period, not one deal



If we get all of our intended targets he’s probably gone then. Especially if we had to pay a fair bit more for Shiel than initially planned.


I reckon if we get Martin he’s in big trouble. Martin allows us far more flexibility with rotating guys through the forwardline and he can obviously play a lot more midfield than Bags,


Could we put Bags on the rookie list? If so I’d absolutely do that as opposed to him retiring.


Do you reckon that’s more because we will know how much we can offer him and what number draft picks we have? I’m sure we don’t want to just punt him, and I don’t think he makes or breaks a trade so he isn’t being kept as potential bait is he?


Because we will know how much money we have left to play with.


You think we’re also gonna get Martin? GOOD GRIEF


We’ve got our intended target Speedy. We had a list of players we were interested in, with Shiel sitting at the top of that list. Fair bet he is the only trade we bring in unless we get a lucky break for peanuts.


Absolutely our main ‘available’ target acquired

But what of Jack Martin?

Surely if we can find a way to get it done we will

If Leuey goes needing other ruck back up etc


I hope he stays- he’s provided great tackling pressure up forward along with kicking some valuable goals as a newbie in that position & can swing back if needed.


Forget Martin. Don’t have the picks for that. Martin was an option if we missed Sheil, but not now.


I’ll take your word for it, guessing future 1st going to GWS then also.

Not discounting Disco pulling rabbit out of hat though but probably would mean players being used instead of picks.


Anyone know what Bags would cost? Are years of service a factor in any contract?
If he was rookied, which I personally hate the idea of, would his salary be exempt from the cap?
IMO if we ever do make a final, Bags should be one of the first picked. Maybe not so much in the season itself.