#12 Mark Baguley


Begley takes Bags spot,no?


I doubt either will be in team

Spots are going to be super tight so we probably will run an extra mid through there. Smith / McGrath / Parish / Zerrett etc

All about them rotations


I’d hope we can avoid next years first going to GWS. Hopefully a third, maybe a second.
But Martin will cost more than next years first, and we don’t want to spend pretty much all of our picks for two years on just two players.


Any salary paid to a rookie in excess of the minimum counts towards the cap.


I have no idea. I’m just saying if.
But i’d tend to believe what Reboot is saying


Saw the action in Bags thread and thought the worst.

I love him so hope he gets another year.


Throwing away Baguley to land some supposed star would be as big a mistake as tossing out Carey and Bradbury was to get Raines and Richardson back in the eighties.

He’s given 100% to the club from the moment he arrived. He’s a truly decent human being. He has played with admirable consistency and total intensity every time he’s run out on the ground.

There’s not much room for loyalty in the AFL these days but there’s still some. He’s given complete loyalty and he deserves some in return.


This is a fair point. I have no idea of the club’s plans but I still think we lack for small forward depth. If he’s delisted we have to find someone to play forward in the best 22, and our only depth is Long (who I think should be delisted).

I personally think we should be keeping him and also drafting in at least one small/pacy forward, preferably 2.


Put it this way, if we’re looking at tossing bags we are in a very good position list wise.
Sheeds went slightly nuts after 84 85 so this is different. I would love a spot for him but if it meant we got sheils and whoever else is in the works I’m comfortable.
But if he goes and gets a flag somewhere else I will be holding list management completely accountable and retract everything i just said unreservedly.


This forwardline could work

HF: Stringer Daniher Fantasia
F: Tippingwuti McKernan McDonald-Tippingwuti

Just Rookie Adam Tipungwuti


He’s in a ■■■■ position because the likelihood is if we discard him, no other AFL club would probably pick him up. So he’s basically waiting on all the dominoes to fall before the club decides whether it has the ability to keep him on or not. It must be frustrating being in limbo like this. Whereas with someone like Smack or Lav, they had suitors, so you delay a decision on them you reach a point of no return and they end up committing elsewhere. There is still a spot there in the forward pocket for him as the high pressure/tackling forward.


The situation for Bags is pretty simple.
If there is room on the list he stays, if not, he goes.
He just has to wait to see how things unfold.


So if there’s no room on the list, he should simply pack himself.


Surely after delisting Green he stays on the list if we don’t get another small forward. Even if it’s on min wage.


and can play


Much better than many on here give him credit for. He’s a real asset to the team, forward or back.


Definitely not back anymore




kicked more goals in 2018 than all australian shane edwards so maybe he gets another year