#12 Mark Baguley


Had a huge year and was fundamental in turning our forward line into a competitive and defensive unit. Who went into the forward line after the Carlton game? Bags! As long as he can bring that competitive game he will retain his position in the side.


A 1 year deal is a no brainer as far as I’m concerned


I think that it’s quite ageist if we don’t keep him


Not sure why it’s relevant to compare him to a midfielder


Fkn announce Bags is staying fkn.




Ricky Nixon will be all over that deal.


I just want to hear commetti say ‘holding the ball baguley’ one more time



Need something to get it down with


everyone has a house key.


It’s being considered



Stop posting selfies.


I think he definitely gets to stay. We’ve opened up three list spots with Goddard, J Merrett and Green.

We will lose our first round pick for Shiel, who will of course take up one of those three spots.

I think Long surely gets delisted, but then we only have picks in the 30s, 60s and 80s or similar. Would we delist Baguley to take another player after those picks? Nah


Have you factored in a list upgrade for Smack?


he’s staying on base salary… if he wants anymore then delist


No. But if it then came down to Baguley or McNiece, I know who I’d keep.


It would be even better if Cometti nicknamed him Bags.


Bags every time.


Bags. not even a contest. McNiece is not an AFL footballer