#12 Mark Baguley


I really like Bags, reckon he is highly under rated as a defensive forward and as a back pocket. Has a lot of experience and has learnt his trade from Fletcher & Goddard and then was important keeping our forward line together in the last two thirds of 2018, lots of personnel changes with Daniher, Stewart, Smack, Brown, Fantasia not to mention all the guys that run through the midfield for half the game or rest forward - some one needs to direct all the traffic and Baguley did a lot of this.

Definitely AFL standard but having said that it’s hard to fit him in the best 22 with all the shiny young players who we need to get games into. Definitely a spot on the list for him just hard to fit him in the side with everyone fit.


Bags was / is done as a back pocket.

Like a phoenix he managed to rise from the ashes and become a defensive forward. If he stays, and I hope he does, it is to play that role.


Maybe a playing coaching role for our VFL team.


Did the job down back when Saad got cleaned up.


Yep, Bags the back pocket got written off on the basis of not being able to go with Sidebottom, who ran 2nd in the brownlow, after two crumbs after he’d actually nullified the first contest, in an 8 goal loss.

Not like Blitz to over react.
Plenty of those same people still call Sidebottom ■■■■.


2019, Bags stays and Bags plays.


Averaged over a goal and 3.8 tackles a game since he switched forward. Give him a ■■■■■■■ 1 year deal for ■■■■ sake


Watching the 2nd Port Adelaide game and Bags doing plenty of good stuff.
Our list is in good shape, plenty of depth, just need to get the chemistry right.”



I’m no expert but if Bags is best 22 then someone is gonna miss. Could be a Laverde or Langford but it could also be anyone from McKenna, Parish, McGrath, Zaharakis, etc.


Laverde is made of tissue paper Bags is perfect backup


Best case scenario of having a full list he’ll struggle to be picked, just because others are that bit better. But if he maintains fitness and form then he’s excellent depth to call upon. You know he’ll give 120% effort. If he is mainiy VFL he’ll be an excellent teacher for the younger players. As Hocking has been.

Will be a respected player of the bombers when people look back and ask how did that Baguely bloke go?


Will be?

He already is in my eyes :slightly_smiling_face:


None of those players are forwards


Neither was Bags 12 months ago.


Bags was not only a good defensive forward - he added that vital small forward element of being a really, really, annoying ■■■■■■■.
We’ve lacked that since Kommer, not to mention the Moorecroft, Bewick, Ezard years.
An essential part of great Essendon teams.


Pretty reliable set shot for goal too which isn’t something that can be said about a lot of our guys


I reckon Raz is a pretty annoying little farker.
Smith too when he’s down there.
And although he’s not a small forward, Stringer is pretty annoying as well.
I reckon we have annoying covered.

But I reckon Bags would be second only to Smith for just manic pressure.
I certainly hope we can fit him on the list.


Raz talks annoying, occasionally physically annoying.
Smith isn’t often down there.
For the full small forward annoying role a player needs to dump opponents after they’ve disposed of the ball, do a bit of kamikaze flying into opponents bodies when going two up against the tall forward, and threaten to knock their blocks off if they retaliate or pick on other Essendon players.
All the while kicking scummy / lucky / unlikely goals.

Tippa is too nice, Raz is too skilful, and Stringer is big man annoying.


Manic pressure ? Walla is the King