#12 Mark Baguley


Thought he deserved another week after the GWS game, 2 absolute stinkers in a row. Plays out the rest of the year in the vfl.

Just holding back a young kid now


Has been a warrior. Milked the most out of his ability and gave it his all. But, he is beyond cooked now. Magoos and retirement looms.


Was shot down for saying he shouldn’t play Rd 1.

Laverde should have been playing and guess what? Now he is ■■■■■■■ injured.


He is keeping out Mo22ie

he must go



He’s cooked



He adds NOTHING to the team and yet I guarentee this moronic coaching panel will keep him in the side all season long.


With the stagnant delivery of the ball inside F50, I’m pretty sure anyone playing forward pocket in our team would have as much influence as Bags.


…and that includes someone younger, with more upside and who will still be at the club in 2020.


A 100 plus game career from where he came from is a fantastic effort but it is time to put him out to stud


The cookedest cook that ever cooked.


Has gotten the most out of himself and to have played 100 games great effort on limited ability, but its time enough is enough now.

play some kids.


Hence why the Hawks could progress, Clarko got rid of Mitchell, Lewis and hodge before they were cooked, then gave games to the next generation.

Meanwhile we give all our game time to never where’s and has beens till they fall off a cliff.

Bags is cooked. We have 21 games left in the season which could be used for young players to gain experience. Every game he plays is a wasted opportunity.


He’s done, but he’ll play the remainder of the year in the ones because he’s a great Essendon person and all round good bloke.


“Highly rated internally”


Yep, great leader and also plays a role protecting the younger blokes around him.

He will play next week, I have absolutely zero doubts about that, but I would love to be a fly on the wall during match committee and just see how they justify having him play next week.

In 2 games of Footy he’s had a grand total of 15 possessions, 2 goals and for someone who is in the team to actually lay tackles and put on pressure he’s laid a total of 5 tackles.

But yea, his intensity was up and the club will stick by him and back him in.


I love Bags, great servant of the club.

However, its time.

Bring in a kid.


Our equal leading goal kicker this season :joy:


Thoughts on Baguley?


Very good in the 3rd qtr.
Ok overall