#12 Mark Baguley


Could swap him with Begley for mine. I like him but he isn’t the best we have.


Couple of nice things but overall pretty poor IMO. Got exposed for speed several times and was brushed aside with ease at times.


He is not slow. He has never been slow. And he’s not slow now.


Covered 2.3km at high speed - our best

31.7 kmh max speed - also our best

And a team high of 9 sprint efforts


Those stats are worthless if your opponents keep running past you whilst you appear to be running in concrete. His defensive aspects in the first half especially were pretty ordinary


Those stats may be useless but they at least close down the “he’s slow” argument.

He’s still quick.


Brisbane must have some serious pace then because they blew him away several times


Brissy have some genuinely quick players.

Thought they were poor today though.


Doesn’t deserve a spot in the side.

Has virtually no impact on any game now.

A younger player could offer an infinite more amount than Baguley at this point.


No impact. Please.

I am very keen to see Bags lose his spot to a kid. But Baguley won’t be giving it up easily. No kid is better than him yet, in my opinion.

I imagine Begley will be the primary contender. And they both will be looking over their shoulders at young Mossie.


Job is to apply forward pressure and thought he failed to do that. Plenty of times the defenders brushed his tackles aside.


I’m glad people are seeing what I am seeing.

10 disposals. Only 3 contested hasn’t had more than 3 tackles in any game.

Played like a tip rat today and got on the end of others good work but not nearly enough

Completely different players. But definitley Francis offers more than him in the side whilst having Smith play an extra 10-15 mins as a small fwd.

Getting gifted games at the moment


Yeah, It’s a weird myth that he’s slow.

While his straight line pace hasn’t disappeared, his agility has dropped off a bit imo.

I think he’s just doing enough to stay in the side, but he’s gonna have some stiff competition very soon.


his senior experience was on show vs melbourne taking some huge grabs i doubt our younger players have the steel to do so

that experiences is needed, and he is 110% every time, thought he’s been consistent and great and don’t get the doubting, for every goal kicker there’s a scragger who caused the turn over, bags is one of them scrappers

and if you haven’t noticed in his last 10+ games of averaging a goal to 3 he’s a pretty decent shot at goal.




He kept his spot last year because he was better at kicking goals than both Green and Laverde.

20 goals from 15ish games forward last year, was a pretty good return for a defensive forward.

It is important he keeps the defensive side up though, which is slipping a bit so far this year.


A difficult reality to dispute is…

Baguley is actually our worst defender among the small forwards getting a game. Easily.

When you think on it that way, he literally brings no point of difference.


Leads the team for goal assists?

Has as many goals as Orazio?

I get it, his days are numbered, but there actually isn’t a fit obvious replacement right now, and he’s not doing as badly as you’re implying.


I’d dare say if Baguley is holding out players like Begley, Laverde or even Mosquito by years end I’d dare say we’ll continue to be a 7-11th finishing team.

That being said he holds his spot for the time being until those others are ready. As long as he’s hidden deep forward, gets on the end of a few and scraps he just stays in.


He is playing our least important role almost acceptably at the age of 31 with no real promise of being better than acceptable.

The 3rd specialist fwd pocket role that doesn’t midfield is our least critical role in our side.

You could play Francis, Lav, Dylan Clarke, JoeDan or Andrew Ukovic and I don’t think it’d make a meaningful difference to our structure.

So why not develop our kids?