#12 Mark Baguley


Definitely going far better. He’s 30 years of age though so he’s in the Goddard/Hocking/Jobe/Stanton bracket. Would be blooding McNiece some more personally, I like him.


The thing holding McNiece back is game awareness. Hopefully he will develop this and not get caught out so often. They are working on it. I’m like you, I think he could be the replacement in time.


Perhaps but personally didn’t think he set a foot wrong in his 2 games in fact for me he was pleasantly surprising. Would like him to develop in the 1s as I’m firmly in the “let’s keep developing” camp


I actually discussed him with people inside the club on the weekend, which is why I said what I did. It’s not a perhaps, it’s a fact.

His time will come. I hope.


Alright sorry I forgot your word came from the mana fountain of knowledge of facts inside the club. Jesus.

My comment was simply that I’d prefer he be in the side developing and us transitioning away from Bags (like Jobe/Stanton/Goddard). It had nothing to do with “facts” or what is or isn’t the preference inside the club (it’s clear that he’s working on some things - I can see that from the fact that hasn’t been in the 25 for a few weeks).


Fark me.

Pardon me for trying to explain something.

rest of post withdrawn. just not worth the effort


Where can one drink from said fountain


I think playing McGrath, Dea and Mckenna alongside Bags is suggestive enough that they are contingency planning.

Also, how many absolute newbies do we want in the backline at once realistically?


I would like to thankyou for your courteous reply. I found it valuable.

But if Dell is on the bandwagon you may as well take McNeice behind the curtain and get it over with.


Feel like Bags suffered from this as well early on.


Posted after his second game that McNiece and McKenna were losing their opponent in traffic - It’s hard to carry two of these players at the same time - Would like to see more of him in the AFL team and he could be a long term replacement for Baguley.


No need to complain if Reboot gives a plausible answer to your questions - In fact you should be thanking Reboot for sharing information.


The problem is that 99+% of posters are expressing an opinion and its probably not necessary to preface every post with imo and its quite legitimate to disagree with an opinion.

In the case of Reboot, who seems to have lots of connections at the club, its hard to tell when he is expressing an opinion, or when he “has been talking to someone at the club” which does lead some to get trapped into disagreeing with his “opinion”, only to find that he got it from his sources.

The end result is a lot of posters are reluctant to disagree with anything Reboot posts lest they too are embarrassed.


Probably because when he does give information he is ususlly on the mark.

I missed the whole McNeice discussion so bad luck i guess. Hope he gets more game time but bags has been good since the final quarter of anzac day and done his job. McNeice time will come


Thats OK with me, because one of the reasons I read Blitz is to get advance/inside info.


I might be wrong but think this has nothing to do with sources of info and all to do with plain English.

If I say that I had a hallucination that suggested Bags was an alien from a distant galaxy, with extra sensory powers, and someone says “perhaps”, the “perhaps” would be them questioning something I tell them as fact about myself.


HAHAHA. Sorry Mum. You can be a real flog you know that?

You both missed my point.

My thoughts had nothing to do with what Reboot said and whether or not it was factual. I didn’t bother responding so I apologise Boot but my “perhaps” wasn’t a “you may be right” perhaps, it was a “even if that is right and the coaches think xyz, my point is still…” perhaps. No different to me saying “Bird should be getting a game” and someone coming in and saying “the club thinks he’s too slow.” My response would be “clearly the club doesn’t like something about him. I think he should be getting a game because xyz.

Ive always been a fan of anyone sharing inside information. Using said information to shut down and opinion when it was patently clear (or at least most of it) to outsiders anyway doesn’t achieve much IMO. Isn’t by extension everyone outside the 22 announced today not worthy for some reason or another? Should we shut down debate and assessment of the team when it’s announced (shit week to make my point as no changes is incredibly likely and fair enough haha)


I’m not embarrassed to. He’s just a grumpy old man who drinks cider.


Yes, I think you hit it on the head. He plays much better when playing around good players who know and trust each other. That is what we are building now and have been for the past nine weeks. They are all starting understand each others game and as a result they are able to be more proactive and impact the contest. Confidence makes such a difference.


I’ll put my hand up as one who thought Bags was nearing the end. Has got a lot better the last few weeks. Hopefully he continues for much time to come.

On McNeice, I thought he went ok but had real question marks on playing a defence of McGrath, McNeice and Bags from a height perspective. A very short group.