#12 Mark Baguley


Hearsay upon hearsay - must be true.

Fitzpatrick heard it from somewhere as well - more proof…!


He talked about his dad? It’s not like he died last week. It was almost 20 years ago.

My dad died six years ago. Go for it if you wanna sledge about it. Sticks and stones…


If anyone said anything about my dead dad I ■■■■■■■ lose it and nothing could hold me back.

If that was said to me and that was how my dear old dad passed you would have to peel me off Begley and crow bar my fist out of his face.


I think it was Baguley


Just saw the story on news.com. Now I know what Jed Lamb looks like


Nothing much in it. According to The Age Baguley didn’t know about Lamb’s father and apologised profusely when he was told about it.


A lot of postulating and r/iamverybadass in here without knowing what exactly was said.


Are you people serious?

Let’s automatically assume that a version of events postulated by two Carlton pieces of ■■■■ is enough to execute one of our players without even hearing his version of events.

It’s one thing to turn on your own, it’s another thing to eat them alive.

You’re a bunch of Richmond-like supporters and you should be ashamed of yourselves.



Dingus please. We turn on our players quicker than they turn over the ball.


Ask some of the indigenous players about the sledging of their families - particularly the females .
That said, not passing judgment on Bags, don’t know what he actually said,


Pretty simple really. If he knew about the murder then it’s an extraordinarily low act, Lamb would be justified at being furious, and i think he should be severely reprimanded.

If he didn’t know and he was making generic comments about his father then it’s not too bad.

You’d need to know specifically what was said in order to make a determination on that question id think.


Hate to say it but it was a brilliant move to put Lamb on Goddard. Of course he falls for it 100%. Kudos to Bags for reacting but went overboard unfortunately.But at least someone was having a crack. It’s a refreshing change


I heard Bags told him he’d heard that his Old Man had “split” …*



Reading the article it seems the latter. Like everything essendon does, even sledges are backfiring.


Because you know if he’d said something truly terrible they would have printed it.


Wonder if Lamb sledged Bags about the mark on his face. If he did i can imagine Bags saying something in the heat of the moment to go back at him.

Bolton is a flog for getting involved


You lot should hear about some of the dumb sh*t lamb has done over here

I repeat, is a flog




Statement out from Baguley. Firmly on the front foot and clear that Lamb did sledge about Bag’s appearance.


Also states he was unaware that Lamb’s Father had passed away and that it wasn’t the subject of his comments to Lamb.

Lamb looking like a chump chop