#12 Mark Baguley


Glad he’s taking a strong stance and calling out Lamb’s sledging as well. Bet the media ignore it.


He’s played at Sydney, GWS and Fark Carlton, and comes from the outskirts of SE Melbourne IIRC.

When was he in WA?


Mark Baguley would like to issue the following statement to clarify reports in the media;

I would like to be extremely clear I was unaware Jed’s father had passed away, nor was it the subject of my comment directed towards Jed.

I was responding to Jed who had made an offensive remark about my physical appearance, something he has done in previous games.

Jed and I resolved the matter after the match and we shook hands.

I’m extremely disappointed with the reporting of this story as it is not a true reflection of the events that took place on the field.


Good on Bags for defending himself.


Sorry, I didn’t mean he had lived here


So nothing in it.

Another great story broken by Slobbo.


Fair game if you have to resort sledging personal appearance.

Fark him!


Baguely may not have known, I didn’t know.

There is an old saying that people say, “Like your old man would be rolling in his grave if he …” " On my father’s life…"

Its a saying its been around for generations. We weren’t there to ask questions so we don’t know how innocent it was or not.


Cannon fodder?


Bags didn’t know. It’s clear.

Robbo is an extremely poor excuse for a journalist, and an extremely good excuse for an illiterate drunk ape piece of ■■■■


Did you know?


Clearly Baguley said something about Lamb’s dad and when he found out the back story he immediately tried to apologise. On that basis I would like to think no real malice was intended and we move on.


No. Don’t move on. Rage at Robbo for going with a story that implied something that was clearly false. I’m furious


To be fair, if I had a birthmark people kept giving me ■■■■ about I’d have an axe to grind too


If it was in the herald sun then its fact


Bags said that Jed’s father was not the subject of his comment. So obviously not a targeted comment and not an unprovoked comment either.

Well done, Robbo - moron.

Saw the news on the channel 7 preview. Didn’t mention Bags’ response at all.


The Age ran the report as well. Do we fume at them as well or just Robbo?


This is seriously a story? Please


baguley probably gets sledged about his birthmark every week. What a pathetic sook Lamb is.


Robbo broke it. Everyone else just copied.