#12 Mark Baguley


Also, just a reminder that it was FC who applied liberal amounts of mayo on the medical report that made Zerrett get suspended last year. Apparently, it had been a trend for the year in both AFL and VFL - Mayo for all!


Yes making him out as the instigator.


If we’d done the right thing and played him in the VFL (where he clearly belongs) when we should’ve, none of this would’ve happened.


Makes me even angrier that we lost to these carnts!


Should i hold my breath waiting for the other side of the story?


Cal Twomey has written a very balanced article on the AFL website.


So Lamb has been doing this to Bags everytime we play them, Bags bites back and Lamb has a sook?

And since when is it ok for a coach to rip into an opposition player on the field?


So will Gleeson amend his comment piece on the back of evidence from Baguley that he was sledged re his appearance by Lamb? Poor form surprise surprise by The Age. I would have thought Lamb’s comments are just as bad if not worse under the AFL vilification code.


Is anyone else just baying for blood and little things setting them off? I reckon I’m just fkg p*ssed with footy atm, largely because we are so bad. I reckon things that wouldn’t trigger people normally are setting them off right now. I feel as if we are a incredibly angry and fed up supporter base right now


Rule 1 in the AFL handbook.

Do and say anything you like to Essendon.

It’s been going on forever and we never complain.


It’s a non event as usual, however at least Baggs isn’t afraid to stand up for himself and teammates. Im convinced a majority of our team would’ve called for a formal sit down intervention if in the same boat. #choirboyz


It’s Essendon, there is no other side to the story


Yes it doesn’t do my f##king PTSD any good. I’m on the edge.


The posters who should now apologise for their rat-faced commentary on Bags know who they are. Over to you…


This annoys me. It’s like the aussie cricket team. I can sledge as much as I like but you’re not allowed to say anything back incase I get upset by what u say! If you’re going to get upset by what gets said on the field then don’t sledge yourself.


Hmmm … interesting concept sledging yourself.


im not sensitive. but i do still carlton can GAGF.

there is a reason Fitzpatrick came out and acted like a ■■■■■■■■ with unnecessary comments this week. we lost to the blues on the weekend.




I’m no fan of Baguley but this is a joke. Is it a fair comparison to call Lamb McGrath and Baguley Sarwan?


I will own up, I got it wrong and i am sorry to Bags for doing so.