#12 Mark Baguley


Don’t worry about it mate, itwas only an axeident


Respect. No sarcasm.

You’re no longer a rat face.


ha! didn’t get time to go off half cocked on this!


What annoys me more than anything is that allegedly they shook hands after the match once the misunderstanding was known. That should have been the end of it. Instead Carlton - a scumbag organisation if ever there was one - chose to make a big deal of it by casting aspersions against Baguley.

I don’t blame Lamb. This feels something concocted by the Carlton administration, possibly to take some heat off Bolton. Watching Daisy Thomas before there seems little doubt this was a misunderstanding, and little ill feeling between players.

Very poor form by Carlton, but they’ve done this before. Must smash them next time.


Just remember, it was a “very decisive decision” for Robbo to print what he done gone and printing.


And he printed it about 3pm! That’s sacrifice. He’s normally 8 pints and 4 packets of salt and vinegar chips into it by 3pm


How many Darts?


And plenty of darts.


Carlton are a pack of scabs.
Lamb, Fitzpatrick… the whole ■■■■■■■ lot of them.
Not sure if we play them again this year but all this crap should be discussed with the players and I hope we smash them - physically.
Pack of ■■■■■


Line up, line up, all Essendon haters, though you can’t out hate em like us at there still ours!!

So fark your crying about a little bite that gets a longer suspension than a knockout punch, and fark your AFL supported tin rattling piece of ■■■■ club, and for this latest ■■■■ fark your sooking when your known as the number 1 most annoying carnt in the league and had gotten stuck into multiple of our players, fark your shitstain club and its former players who have led the corrupt afl into a farking disgraceful place as a joke of an organisation on and off the field, go eat fitzpatricks ■■■■ once again Jed farkin Lamb


Surely we are not going to pay Lambs fine to make ourselves look like goody goody boys. Surely not.


Baggers should of dealt with him earlier in a physical sense. Instead we opted to put with lambs tactics all day.


That’s an axecellent suggestion.


If it’s any comfort to you as it is to me, there are a few journalists who have made total ■■■■■ of themselves over this and at least one journalist , in directly quoting Fitzpatrick on another matter has really shown him up.
Not quite balanced journalism I know


Gleeson from the age is an animal.

seriously so much back pedalling after his first story called for blood and bags to pay lambs fine.

yet still trys to justify himself after an update with “sam mclure”.

weak as ■■■■. is that prick a carlton supporter as well?


Agreed. Totally ignores Lamb’s sledging. Goes on about Baguley repeating the comment but makes no mention that Lamb is a serial offender. his only concession is to put baguley’s statement at the end of the article


@dingus - Still a lot of rat faces that didn’t apologise.
Easy for us to slag our players performance, as we all watch live that garbage. But not to stand up for them when we have zero idea what was actually said? Jesus.

Also Fark Carlton, and you idiots believed Fark Carlton. Ill remind you all again their main AFL man Fitzy came out and said we had tens of thousands of injections during the saga. Come on blitz.


Bag’s statement on the EFC site, hope the club takes it further.
In referring to Bag’s statement, Chip le Grand tweeted “… Always helps to get both sides of a yarn before you report, opine jibber on etc.”
Gleeson is an AFL lackey. Once when I took him on for not reporting an issue relevant to the saga which might have shown Essendon in a better light he responded that he had been on holidays and anyway it was at the time of the Australian Open and no-one else would be interested.


I’m sick of players insulting his birth mark


Didn’t Monfries do it?