#12 Mark Baguley


someone needs to make this a deal with it .gif


You probably need to work your stuff out. If youre that easy to set off, opponents would psychologically own you.


Robbo on AFL 360 defending Baguely now after he released his statement.


No shame about it too


Exactly. It became an issue from the story HE broke. Unreal.

Poor Baguely. Regardless of his statement, and the media backing down, he is now getting sledged amongst AFL supporters. Club needs to speak to here, his reputation has been unfairly damaged.


Man, since the saga… The Age has the biggest boner for us - they must clasify essendon stories as click-bait - we seem to get stories waaaaay more than any other club…


Everyone is enjoying our fall, and how fkn long it has been. Every since 2000 everyone has lined up to sink the boots in whenever possible.
FK you cnts

I’m at the point today where I don’t care anyway if bags knew and still got stuck into that idiot.


So what happens when lamb gets dropped and the commentators say “lamb was given the chop” or “lamb has been axed”?


The guy is such a flog!


How about Lamb sledging Baguley first about the marks on his face that’s how it began. And; it wasn’t the first time Jed Lamb had said it. Why should Baguley pay Lamb’s fine?

Baguley was genuinely remorseful when told about Lamb’s father and went out of his way to find Lamb and apologise and two men shook hands. Get the story right in the first place, you scab.


Of course athletes like to make life difficult - It’s not hard to stop sledging - And it results in less grief.


The bullies are often surprised when their victims come to school with an ar15 and go postal


Hi EFC, you know what would be a start to locating your spine in 2018

Back your man in. He has made a statement, would love someone from the club to respond to a quick interview, talking about how rubbish the media is.

Eddie. Kennett. Kotchie would. I won’t hold my breath.


Another low quality individual casting shadow over one of our boys. What an absolute worm, happy to dish it out but hiding behind the skirts of his club and squealing to the media when Bags defends himself. How typical that he’s found a home at the Scum.

Surely this is the opportunity right now for the club to show the footy World what we stand for. Get behind bags, Xavier, Lindsay, Woosha! Let the idiots in the media, the Scum and that lowlife Lamb know that we stand up for our own.


For followers of 17 football teams the only Essendon story they want to click on is something bad about Essendon. That’s why every bit of bad news about us is being dredged up and we are again in the middle of a media storm. Solution? Start winning games of footy, then the partisan clickers will not want to know about us.


And yet we were still ■■■■


I believe that they buried the hatchet after the game.


I wish Baguely was tasked with managing and negotiating our saga. On point, didn’t back down, told the truth and put the other side on the back foot to shut their winging faces up.

We done Bags.

I may think he is cooked as a footballer at AFL level but I still admire his endeavour, hardness and attitude.




Journowhore is a term that (I made up) should be used more often.