#12 Mark Baguley


Also… it would be real nice if people stopped being farkin dicks, continuing jokes about someone’s dead father.


How many posters on here knew about Lamb’s dad before this incident?
Why aren’t the media asking Lamb to confirm or deny he sledged Bag’s appearance?

If the media investigated and found the actual comments made by Bags & Lamb - then it would be easy to confirm that Bags made a general comment which Lamb misinterpreted in the heat of the battle.


What about dead mother ? Or sister ? Or wife ? Or Dog ? Goldfish ?

My Mum and Dad are dead, say whatever you like about them. It is a reflection on you, not me or them, so why give a Fark?


He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.


Concur. Lamb is a worm, but some of the posts on here…


Deserves 1 more game just on the stregth and polish of his statement.
Assuming of course he had some input.


Good to see that only one poster has admitted they got it wrong in jumping on bags over this.

The rest of you make me ■■■■■■■ sick.

There’s been a lot of justified criticism of this club for being spineless recently. You dickheads are worse.


Wow. Im shocked. Who would have thought that it was just a misunderstanding? I was convinced that Baguley is a carnt and likes to make jokes about players dead parents.


Headlines 1st
Wild speculation 2nd
Outrage 3rd

Investigations …whatever


Apologies … Never


All of this makes Bolton look more and more childish. Insecure little man trying to impose himself on the league and shed that ‘always happy’ persona by abusing an opposition player. Leadership personified.


The EFC are too gutless to do anything like that, the AFL might not like it. Back a player the media has totally bashed with words. The club from the top to the bottom and the few individuals who are the exception, will be shut up or moved on. The EFC are an embarrassment.


Media beat up before getting both sides of the story…you even get to see footage of Bags looking to discuss the incident with Lamb…you can see Bags in apologetic but nope


Absolute joke that the Rage is still running articles online which refuse to acknowledge that Baguley was provoked in the form of vilification. There are two sides to the story and they have chosen to only report one.

Now where have I seen that before…


Would be nice if our gutless president would tell them to run a retraction but all I’m hearing from Essendon is crickets. At least Koch stuck up for Powell pepper.


SEN is quoting Paul Marsh of AFLPA criticising the media beat-up of the incident, in which he also noted that Bolton was not aware of what was said when he abused Bags.
The fact that the EFC put Bags carefully worded statement on its website indicates that the club supports his version.
But no-one is having a go at Lamb’s sledging of Bags physical appearance.


Gleeson’s a Collingwood fan, hates the bombers.


Robbo did last night on 360


He started the shamble


And hasn’t amended his original article to reflect the support of Bags.