#12 Mark Baguley


Name names bish


I’d like to see EFC tell Robbo he’s a fat, inarticulate piece of ■■■■ and is not welcome at the club. I’d also like EFC to boycott any of his media appearances. If we have to put up players then send VFL players no one gives a ■■■■ about. The guy is an oxygen thief.

He can join Smith as another self righteous ex-Essendon supporting fark head we no longer want associated with our club.


Has he apologised?
I didn’t think so.


The EFC hide and pretend nothing’s happening, hoping it will all go away. Last time it didn’t and this it won’t either.


The AFL wouldn’t let us do that. If we didn’t do it during the saga we sure as hell won’t now.


I see we are still looking after our players.


Report on AFL site refers to Bolton apology to AFL and accepting a warning from Hocking.
Meanwhile, the Rage headline “ Baguley should pay Lamb’s fine”. Clickbaits getting desperate.


Fark our club is a bunch of ■■■■■■■.
The big clubs would come out swinging. Sheedy would’ve come out swinging. Oh how far we’ve fallen.

We should have this as our banner on the weekend and take the first step to getting our balls back



I did a reverse image lookup for that flag, and now I’m super confused.


It’s stunning this club can continually misread it’s base, right.

This was a folk in the road moment - back your man and show some balls. Stand for something.


Some will call it a classic blitz overreaction, but this sums up the clubs culture.


Just wondering why Bacher Houli knocked Lamb out last year


Why not go with

‘Lamb less minted after fine’


Does that mean Lamb is now Halal certified?


Put Lamb in a ship bound for Pakistan. Put his life in perspective.


Next time we play I hope McKenna bites him and then tells the tribunal he likes Lamb chops.


or that he loves a good cooked spud, being irish


Response has merit.


It all starts from the top. They set the standard and overall atmosphere and attitude. This permeates through the club onto the players and onto the field. Hence why we are a bottom rung team. No way a team with the names we have should have lost to the FarkCarlton nobody players. The problems run deep in our club. This game was so important for us to win and I am still shell shocked and angry over this loss and their smugness again which brings more old wounds from 1999. This team/club need to make a stance like the 2000 players did when they farked everything they came in their path. It is time to put “Whatever it takes” in the right context and get the right people to lead this club to glory again.


Baguley - forward or back?


Found pace!

I like it when he’s in mongrel mode.