#16 “OMG it’s Archie” Perkins

There are squibs and there are squibs. One thing to pull out of immediate danger when you are about to get crunched but that effort last night was utterly appalling, even Rachelle would be embarrassed by that

Which one?

Rachele, just the one L

I was surprised he passed that one because one of his positive traits has been taking on the moment when a goal opportunity presents. Not being scared to take the shot.


He originally had two L’s but heard footsteps and dropped one of those too :rofl:

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Have you watched any Essendon game on TV this year or listened to / watched any footy media. They pump him like no tomorrow. Durs, Jones and Perkins are the young media lovechilds of our club and only one of those 3 deserves the hype at this stage

He just misjudged the flight of the ball.

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Made a few uncharacteristic mistakes but also did plenty right and helped turn the game for us. More often than not he kicks those goals & is usually also a very reliable mark overhead.

And I certainly wouldn’t describe him as a soft player - he seems to embrace taking on the contact more often than not, and doesn’t shy away from a tackle either.

I find it the level of criticism he gets on Blitz pretty weird tbh - IMO he’s tracking really well overall and will only continue to improve.

I swear some people get off on only focusing on the mistakes, and then feel the need to repeat the same opinion several times.

I also don’t really think he’s been overhyped - he’s a talented kid who does stuff on the field that catches the eye & he occasionally gets mentioned by commentators/the media.

So what?

He doesn’t play like someone who drinks his own bathwater and we don’t exactly have a heap of marketable players on the list atm.


Perkins wins the weekly - let’s take out our frustration by writing off a young player - award.

He has improved markedly this year and will continue to do so. Won’t always be linear.

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Or people’s expectations have just adjusted as he’s improved.

It’s what happens when fans are discussing professional sport and athletes in an online forum designed to encourage discussion and opinion sharing.

Clearly nobody is ‘writing him off’.

Ironically most of the whining on this site appears to be increasingly coming from a handful of posters running from thread to thread taking pot shots at other posters instead of just discussing the topic and or sharing a contrary opinion.


Every time someone re signs with us they fall in a hole for a few weeks.