#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


So I guess by "fucken who" The answer is every lead AFL recruiter who overlooked him.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with blitz.

Why can't we just treat each other with respect?


And? Recruiters got it wrong. It happens every single year.

His ability at clearances was immediately clear, he added the kicking by his 2nd or 3rd. If you don't see finding the ball, winning contests and disposing of it well as important traits, not sure what else can be said.
I think it's pretty clear every recruiter in the world would change their call on him in 2000, let alone 2001

I'm pretty sure he had a Morrish or two, as well as a Liston, and some Brownlow votes by 21yo. There were knocks on him, but not having elite something was definitely not one of them.

Your own article quotes that he lead the comp in clearances in his rising star year. L E L


Alt F4. Or dry off your tears like a big boy.


I keep the draft notes of most draft "experts" every year and have done so for around 8 years.
For Mutch, champion data had him at 16 and it went from there into as late as the 40's.
It does not matter much as he'll be the player he's going to be regardless.


Jesus HAP, this was a nice conversation about Mutch until you decided to HAP all over someone enjoying a discussion.
Who GAF if Mitchell was rated whatever back in 2001?



someone had a go at hap and hes the instigator?


It matters when people say something that's clearly wrong, and needs to be corrected.


He ain't called Henrys Good Bloke Pills



Can't go off brand.

Mind you, anyone with a player-2-player username also has a brand to uphold, but thankfully we've got a plentiful supply of idiots.


I'm thinking of creating a Hocking2Howlett alias, just to troll you with.




I've been driving this one for a while. Kids got it!




Aaron Neville doesn't know Mutch.


You are a clown.

You have a go at me for talking up Mutch and comparing him to Lewis and Mitchell.

You need a reality check

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Thanks. But it's all too common...




I can think of a few which has had much more real world consequences of the hate than this.


I googled 'hate forums', and found most of the posters were just needing a root or a hug.


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