#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


I used to see Sam Mitchell running the tan track quite regularly earlier in his career (when I wasn't a fat ****). He always did the extra work, and that's why he made it.


People have different ideas of what would constitute improvement.

For example, I could do without reading posts ■■■■■■■■ and moaning about the best forum in the world.


This is just a tribute.


If we all just listen to this, everything will be right with the world again:


Overall Dangerfield is a good kick, especially long kicks to advantage - Few players are elite kicks - Majority of players are average kicks.[quote=“barnz, post:492, topic:3763, full:true”]
I don’t think you can really use danger as the argument for proficiency. His kicking is generally not that good. butchers it a lot. his freak athleticism gives glosses over his skill deficiencies.

also i’d 100% have danger in our team all day every day.


except hes not. kicks as accurate as hardingham.


■■■■■■■ Hawthorn, draft a Brendon Lee and get a Sam Mitchell




Defiantly a keeper here, hard to say how good he can be, but he is very very good at getting the ball, both inside and outside the contest, and quiet smart with his ball use. He is not quick or silky with his skills, if he was he would have been a top 10 pick. At this stage I have seen enough to say he will be a good AFL level player. How good will only depend on how hard he is willing to work at improving.


So this Mutch bloke, he must go alright based on the new posts in here....


Kobe 1


And people thought we didn't think too Mutch of him, .. shows how wrong you Kobe.


I want to savour that statement for a while.
I think you may be correct.


Have we compared him to Hirdy yet?
Actually - he kinda reminds me of a slower Hunt, from the Demons.
The hair, that is.


J[quote=“Laverde2Langford, post:516, topic:3763”]
MODS - there is not a forum online that is as hateful as this forum. It has gone to trash. You allow bullies to swear, aggravate and carry on in what should be a great forum to discuss football. Suggest the regular culprits be reigned in because I get many personal messages from people saying they come hear to read but won’t post often because people horrible to them. It’s an old boys club in here not welcoming I others and their views. I will leave it with you but it’s all a bit pathetic and sad that we have it in a forum that should be a great place for supporters to discuss their team.

I’d encourage you to stay, there’s a bit of what you say going on but even that is generally not meant in as harsh a manner as you might take it. Find a balance, don’t get drawn in, realise that you’re own contributions might read to some like the remonstrations of a conservative zealot. You’ve probably been on a footy field, there’s room for all. It’s also where you get to be a bit mad.


This is one of the all time great sooks now.


Yes. That has been done.


That and being one of the best clearance winners in the game from day 1. It's really really really revisionist to ignore that IMO. You are right though, his running was a real weakness when he started, and his kicking wasn't great, he improved both of those things a lot. Without that drive he probably ends up more in the Sewell or Cunnington (dare I say Tom Mitchell) type, good at the clearance and not much else.

I just don't think Mitchell is a good comparison at all. Mitchell was always GREAT at one thing but he had big flaws too. Mutch does everything OK without being standout at anything.


Mutch's vision of where it needs to go next is Mitchell like.


There are lots of pretty good young players who can win enough of the ball to be good players. The thing that elevates some to an elite level is ball use, and that is both calmness and vision with the ball in hand, and kicking.
Players like Pendlebury and Mitchell would be just average players if it wasn't for these things. Zac Merrett is in the same category. He is ok at most things, but his kicking is what sets him apart. Any young player like Mutch should be aiming to elevate their kicking to this level to become great AFL players. Not many have it from the start, but some can develop it.