#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Do you even watch zach?

he is fast. he defends, he's clean, he runs all day? Yes he has a great weapon in his kicking but its not his only weapon.


Yeah well... it's almost as if the words 'elite' and 'average' have some kind of real world definition that correlates to their use in football.



Going back to the original post of the argument, I can see why it was stated that Mutch's ceiling is uncertain. It nearly always is with his type who do a lot right but don't have a single wow factor.

Mutch is probably most comparable to Sam Mitchell. He moves well but isn't fast. Good off both feet but more neat than elite, covers a lot of ground and works inside and outside. Mitchell is obviously the top ceiling, but plenty have had the same skill set, but not been anywhere near Mitchell's level. We'll see how Mutch turns out, but the signs are promising.


Reminds me of Andrew Gaff.


Kinda looks like he moves like Cameron Ling


It’s another hair thing but the way he lopes about and doesn’t mind the tough stuff, little bit of Brett Kirk. Obviously will be better than both those nuffys combined


David Mundy

Not dynamic, doesn't look like much physically but just gets it done and is excellent on both sides of body.


Half of the players are better than average kicks.


Not necessarily. They could all be exactly average kicks. Or, an equal quantity could be below average by an identical margin to a quantity above average.
Or something.


Not necessarily. You're getting the mean (the average) mixed up with the median.....


I'm confused, .. are you saying Kobe is medium mean??

Coz, that's ok,.. don't want him getting into too mutch trouble ...


median not medium.

The plebs I need to deal with on this site. :thinking:



Some of them are pretty average ..


I have heard that.


Especially when they get in this mode


Fair deviation from the normal here. Not that I'd say it's standard, but only if that's your expectation.




His vector is certainly not random, nor regressing, some have a high confidence in his ability


Some people might say that, but I really couldn't comment.