#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch




He was a lot less impressive this week - many turnovers in the first half, although he did mostly get it right after half time. It was an Essington weekend though so he had a lot of mates.







Wow, not Mutch love in here for Kobe after being picked in the squad. I hope he gets called up, would be great to see another young fella given a go.

I like the cut of his jib. It appears he goes hard at the footy, he plays naturally and positions himself well. Good both sides of the body. What's not to like?

He does have a head like a robbers dog, though. Which I just think means he will go on to have a fantastic career. He will just be our odd looking player, you know, like a Matty Lappin, a Lingy or a Daisy Thomas.


why go that far??? Our very own and handsome Pev got called up when Misiti (?) was put on the LTI.... tagged the ■■■■ out off a few stars week in week out to become an important cog of the team.


He was a little shy at sponsor night, but appreciated me appreciating him being crazy backing/flying into packs.


Hope the kid gets a gig. I'll take a player who is good on both sides of the body any day. He's appears to be a ball magnet too.


His main problem is having to be right no matter what. He totally missed what you were trying to convey.


Too Mutch ain't enough love, to satisfy me.


Bombers supporter...


I would say his marking would give him a point of difference.

He's quite good overhead and also in contested situations.

That can be a very handy asset if for example you could take your opponent into your forward 50 and isolate them.

Zaka early in his career was a great mark and that's when he was kicking goals.


Interesting. I'd not heard/realised (from my scant viewings!) that his marking was above average. Good news.


I'm not saying he's Joe Daniher but I've seen him a few times this year and what I like about his marking is he throws his whole body into it in pack situations. Very physical and courageous which can be very valuable.


If he came in on Sunday he couldn't offer less than what Hocking & Howlett have offered in the 3 games they've played between so far.


fark he reads the play pretty well, thats the big thing i took out of seeing him @vfl level.


Unfair that Watson isn't playing. I really want to see a lot of Jobe to Kobe.


Hope he gets a run. Plenty of midfielders make it late in the draft through sheer will and courage, despite not having any clear physical attribute or sublime skills - Sloane and Parker are both that come to mind, picked up in the 40s. From the limited amount I've seen of him, he shows a similar level of tenacity.


He took a strong, single grab mark with a pack descending on him against Collingwood. It said a lot about both his hands and his courage.


Personally think he's showing a bit but don't think he's quite ready and don't want him dropped on his head in his formative years so to speak given we're going to get dicked by Freo

Leave. Him. Out.


After McGrath, James Kelly nominated Mutch as the player to watch out for during his interview with Bomber Radio yesterday. Player with a big future in his opinion.