#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Also mentioned Ridley.


I thought Eric Hipwood was “the Eel”


BBB or f*** off


Really surprised we didnt see him in the ones this year. Uses the ball well by either foot…will have more space in the ones with better players around him.


Looks class above at VFL, inside and outside midfielder who finds a ■■■■ load of the ball and more often than not gets it away decently


The more I see of this kid, the more I like him


Mutch to like here.


Will play loads of games next year.


Good signs then.


Big future this kid.


I think the kid will play 200 AFL games so yeh.


All signs point to a solid career ahead, if only we got a look at AFL level we would know how his attributes translate to senior footy.


Too Mutch is Not Enough

Kid finds the footy alright. Like.


He wasn’t ready for elevation this year, you can expect to see him next year if he continues to grow into the game.


He was ready to get a taste for senior footy this year.

It’s frustrating that he didn’t, because the kid is reliable. There is nothing about him that says he is going to be in your best players. Equally he is unlikely to be in your worst. You select him and just watch him go about doing his thing, reliably.

Just that one game would’ve given him the level to aim for over preseason.


Reminds me of Barlow.

Accumulates, doesn’t do the astounding, but the team is never worse off after he disposes of the ball. Like.


So I thought he was a right footer that would happily use his left, but clearly he is a left footer as he used the left for that shot on goal in the third.


Liked him since day 1, can’t wait to see him debut


He just got cocky


He’s neither. Ambidextrous