#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch









Disagree, don’t think he was ready at all. Will be next year though.


Love the way he’s progressed and learned over this year. I think the lad will have a ripping pre-season (not literally) and never look back next year.


I love he just backs into packs without a care in the world. May be the hard nut mid we’re crying out for


haven’t had a good looking stud like this since Pev stitched up the opp star mids… onya Eel!


He’s ready just too late in season now. Works hard and knows how to get it. Pace or lack of might be an issue


hes seriously tough and fearless.



Honestly I will never, ever forget at the vfl praccy game this year hodge trying to rough him up, and Mutch basically cracked him in the throat and gave him a mouthful. It’s my first memory of him, and it was such a glorious moment.

Some guys just have IT. From the way they play to the way they conduct themselves. Kobe does, and every time I’ve seen him live or vfl on tv or replays I see someone who will carve out a good career


WOB you must have flew over for round 1 against the Hawks like me…I was at the TVSC for that as well.


Yep, I was there mate for that and the hawks game


Get mutch in the seniors.

Get mutch in the setterfield ears


His trajectory will be intriguing to watch.

The most striking thing about Mutch when you watch him is he has an insatiable appetite for the contest and he is super tough and strong-willed.

That is an outstanding foundation to build upon.

I guess what I’ll be interested to watch is whether he will be an exceptional state league player or a genuinely good, long term AFL contributor.

The reason I have this query is he doesn’t have any standout athletic features nor a penetrating kick. But there are plenty of players before him who you could say the same about who became stars of the game.

It’s awesome to be able to know as a supporter that he won’t die wondering in his quest to carve out an AFL career.


If you could put Mutch’s intent into Langford, you’d have one hell of a player


Mutch may never be a superstar but it takes players like him to make a great team, he will be the one that makes it to that 50/50 contest late in the last to get the ball to someone that will recieve all the glory for kicking a goal…Koby will probably be jogging back to the centre square for the bounce while everyone is celebrating .


I was surprised the other day walking past Langford and Mutch standing together. Kobe is larger than I realised, almost Langford size already; same height but broader stronger looking shoulders, legs not quite as muscular and toned as Langford but I reckon we’ll see an improvement there over the next 6 months.


Kobe must have grown a bit if he’s Langfords height.


Can’t wait until he makes his debut and slots his first one and everyone starts going…


I reckon 2cm difference tops. I watched Kobe play pre-season vs Geelong and the final vs Footscray the other day; there’s a noticeable difference in his size particularly across the chest and shoulders. He looks like he’s been pumping some pretty heavy weights. Maybe he could show Marty Gleeson where they are :smile: