#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


What even is this??
Mitchell when he started was just about the best clearance player in the game. The “Sam mitchell is just a generic OK player” is an idea that’s stuck despite having almost no resemblance to the truth. He was extraordinarily good at one thing, then he also got good at other things too.

I see almost nothing like mutch - height, skills, type of player, role, body shape, type of runner (mitchell had that good first burst that guys with short legs often have, Mutch takes a bit to get going) etc etc etc. we’re still discussing what Mutch will be (if anything), mitchell clearly had a defined role at afl level because he dominated that role in vfl, first year out of 18s.


Reminds me of Jack Macrae when I see him play. I think he has the ability to do similar things at AFL level and hope he does.


I’m going to be so disappointed when he eventually plays AFL after all the pumping up going on in here. I watched the VFL game on the weekend, can’t say I saw anything special. Perspective is needed here, Lonergan and Dyson both dominated games in the VFL.

What is his point of difference? There are a lot of players at VFL level that do what he does. I’m not saying he won’t be serviceable, but realistically, will he end up better than Bobcat?

I will state I have seen limited games in the VFL!


I agree.

I think he will be a solid player but as vanilla as they come.

If he’s to make it as a player he’s going to have to turn himself into a beast around stoppages.


Out of all the players on our list, Josh Kelly nominated Mutch as the young player most likely to be a very good AFL player. That’s a pretty good endorsement from somebody who has been in the system for a while and has seen a lot.


Don’t be cynical… he may have been wearing heels.


This could mean two things. He is either very good, or the rest are really bad!


Mutch actually reminds me of a young Andrew Welsh, but arguably better skills.

I honestly expect Mutch to be a 150+ gamer for us.

He’s already a better midfield option than Langford…

Langford, yet again in the VFL final, basically faded/disappeared after half time after playing a good first half. He lacks the engine to be the “big-bodied midfielder” he craves to be.


I think that was James Kelly, but if Josh wants to come to the club and make a similar assessment, I’d be fine with that.


Very rare to see players who are accomplished off both sides of the body. That is a big asset, it allows him to get out of trouble easily because he’s not heavily biased to a particular side of the body. Myers is completely opposite, always looking to get back on the left, or when he is forced to kick off the right it is not very effective. A big pre-season in the gym and I can see him really emerge in 2018.


Kids got some balls


hard at the footy, gets to contest after contest, can use both feet, great reader of the play

he is a natural footballer if you ask me, if he can bump up his endurance to a really high if not elite level then ive got little to no doubt he’ll play heaps of footy for us


Langford went forward in the 3 qrt as Francis went off. I think Langford got most SC (footy live) , so must have been some very poor other players.


Ahh. Kobe “The Heel” Mutch. Thread title has been a typo all this time.


Not so sure he will start his AFL career in the midfield. HBF seems like a good entry point for him. This is Essendon after all.


Yep, when Langford went forward we lost momentum.

I think for individual players experience they rotate guys to see what they can do.


arguably? your are setting the bar very low.



Is that Colyer?


Ha ha! Indeed. :slight_smile: