#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


He was a GWS academy player.


Not sure I see any of “it” just yet. He’s very good at drawing high frees and he’s tidy off each foot which is a good tool to have. Don’t think his kicking is anywhere elite off either though which would be better. You’d rather a Zach/Goddard off one foot than a Mutch off both IMO.





If he ends up an inside mid, which is his best hope of making it imo, it will be very handy to be able to kick adequately off both feet. Makes it much easier to get an effective kick away, rather than just blazing away like Myers does.


I have.

He is a ball pig.

He will rack them up. He knows how to find it. Solid ball user.

Can play in and out.

200 games I reckon.


I’m not sure about this new term “ball pig”…I’m not sure what it means…and I’m quite ready to embrace it.


Kobe Mutch reminds me of this dude I saw at the tram stop the other day.


I think the “it” is being duel sided and courageous. He’ll grow and become physically complimentary to his game style, and then we’ll have a very solid citizen around the stoppages. I believe that in a couple of years he’ll be a lock in the 22. If he takes a bit of time to consolidate (ala Seb Ross) then fine by me.


He is Rory Sloane


Glad they’ve finally recognised how easy it is to trip over triangles.


I’ve watched him a few times this year times this year and for some reason he reminds me of andy gaff. Not so much in his disposal but how he always seems to bob up on the outside racking up the disposals. Would you say this is a fair comparison or am i being delusional ?


I want him IN round 1


I think there is some similarities but I think whilst Gaff is one of the best pure wingman in the comp Mutch will hopefully develop a rounder skillset.

I’m bullish on Mutch. Think he will play 200 games. But I don’t expect him to reach Gaff levels.


The only area I have a concern with Kobe is his speed.

Everything else about him is good enough. Whether it is good enough to cover his lack of speed, we’ll have to wait and see.


Well done !


Top result well earned.

Good on you Kobe.


Kid should be a gem.

Is it jumping the gun to give him #4 or #5?


Dear Kobe,

Please be good, please…and please be good as quickly as possible as we appear to be throwing every draft pick we can get our hands on at Stringer, Schache and that quick little back flanker from the Gold Coast.



Debut, round 1, nab rising star nom to follow