#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Kobe is gonna be massive. Will be as solid as Jobe in a couple of years but with far superior footskills. The knock on him now is that he tends to lob the kicks rather than pass them accurately. The positive is that he kicks equally well on both feet and both feet are more damaging than Jobe’s.


Is a Priddis comparison in the ballpark for you VFL watchers?


Got a ways to go to get to that level.

At this stage he is less contested and not as good in close as Priddis.

more accomplished on the outside though with neater kicking skills.


Cheers. Skilled accumulator, consistent, needs size and experience. Like


Yep, and determined! He looks a warrior type. Put his body on the line for the team.


From what I’ve seen I’d have said he reminds me more of Stanton, or maybe Sam Mitchell. He’s not an in and under beast like Priddis, but does spend time at contests. Links up an awful lot.

I like him, but a way to go yet.


The Mootch?



Mootch > Eel.


Kobe the Moocher

Hi-dee hi-dee hi-dee hi


That would be a Mini version

And a Mini-eel is an elver

Did anyone go to Mad Monday as an Elvers Impersonator?




I have learned over the years not to throw the 200 game tag around lightly.

When David Zaharakis joined Essendon his first game of VFL was so far above the grade they were forced to bring him in. Seven goals from memory and 30 odd touches.

Zaharakis will play 200 for the club but he is not without his critics.

McVeigh didn’t make 200. Rama didn’t. Peverill (remember his first season?) didn’t. Ken Fraser, Michael Long, Sean Wellman, Alec Epis, Alan Noonan… all under 200. There’s actually only ~30 in history that have.

200 games is a massive achievement at AFL level. Let’s wait for Kobe to make his debut.


Fair call


I thought McVeigh did. A couple there just missed, viz Long and Noonan.


I hate it when people do their homework and come up with a compelling argument!


I just can’t shake this feeling that anyone who says Stanton is even slightly similar to Sam Mitchell did not watch football until about 2015.

One of them was the best clearance player of the 00s, who later became a very good half back and outside mid.

One of them was a very good wingman who ended his career a very good wingman.

I love/loved stants but some of you need to get a grip.


Oops you’re correct on mcveigh


There have been many other examples of people jumping the gun about 200 game players. Longy and Rama had what it took. They were unlucky with injury and illness


Noonan had shocking shoulders, Fraser took a teaching job up the bush 2 games short, Peverill had a bad head.


I’m pretty sure a prominent blitzer went early on Nic OBrien making the 200 game club.