#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Name names


How many games was Cory pencilled in for?


800 games.

4000 goals


I wouldn’t drop fogdog in it like that!


Well, (a) I wasn’t saying they were similar, I was saying his game was kind of somewhere in between, and (b) I would have thought it was given I was describing their games nearer the ends of their careers, rather than how they started out over a decade ago, given that is what is fresher in the mind.

Stanton did play a little inside later in his career, and had contested possesions, but was mostly (as you said) a winger or link up man. Mitchell still had a strong inside game but was way more outside later in his game, and was well known for his punishing dinky kicks and vision, and his ability to link up.

I see Mutch as being a bit of a combination of their traits. More outside and link up, but can do some contested work. Short dinky kicks to advantage like Mitchell. Gets a lot of possessions.

And I thought I was pretty clear saying he has a long way to go, which should be interpreted as saying he’s nowhere near Stanton let alone Mitchell’s level yet.


Well, I’ll put it forward Smack as a 500 gamer. Sure it’ll take three decades as a no.3 ruck but he’ll get there.


A little bit of a guy who was totally one sided, average in the contest, looked to kick long at every opportunity, had almost no hard edge at the player, and had almost no peripheral vision;

and a little bit of a guy who was almost perfectly two sided, great in the contest, couldn’t kick over 45m, loved a bit of niggle and had an almost preternatural ability to find space in tight.

He’s a bit like dean cox or Travis Colyer…


Seems to just be generally good at everything

Great endurance. Quick enough off mark. Good overhead. Excellent on both sides of body. Courageous. Wins it both inside and out.

I’d see him as more David Mundy like


I like him as well but from what I’ve seen he really isn’t excellent off both feet, more adequate. I don’t think he has a lot of penetration off either nor the ability to hit a quick, flat, field pass. Also his speed does worry me a bit. Again from what I have seen he has mainly played outside this year I would assume he will be played inside next year and also assuming that is the plan long term will likely play a lot if VFL football next year as he develops (following a similar path to Langford). . My gut tells me he will struggle as a wingman in the AFL with that speed (although Stanton had a fine career), so will need to develop his contest work. I really like his size, seems to be good aerobically and he is clever in terms of running to the right spots. 2nd in the BnF year 1 is a ■■■■■■ good start and he joins a talented group of kids knocking on the door next year.


There’s a good chance he’ll be an Andrew Lee or Bomford type. I’m hoping he’ll be more Joe Misiti, but time will tell. He is ridiculously over hyped at the moment.


The kid just came 2nd in the VFL best and fairest in his first year. Deserves some hype.

He’s the type of kid that will get the very best out of himself. Has a lot of solid attributes that the coaches can build on.


What over-hype, let alone ‘ridiculous over-hype’?
Some people like him, and see potential. Players are always compared with great players.


No…the way to treat all our draftees is to concede they’ll be utter crap…deny any good performances…ridicule those who see positives…and then call for their delisting or trading after two years, because they’ll never make it.


Fingers crossed he isn’t a Hamish Blake type.


Would have been great if he got a run in the AFL this year so we could see how he translates.


Will break into the seniors next season. Knows how to find the pill


I never said he was crap or wouldn’t make it. Just that the jury is out and that the hype isn’t warranted. In short, I’m not sold on him like others. Some of the comments about elite kicking or being Jobe like, but with better kicking are wrong in my opinion. Keep up the quality ranting.


Meant to day Brendan Lee, the prolific mid, rather than Andew Lee, the key position player (or TV personality).


Your forgot bemoan the selections missed by but picked up by other clubs, irrespective of weather we had a pick prior to them or not.


Looks a Cameron Ling type with a bit more polish.