#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Geez if he looks like Lingy he needs more than a bit of polish. I’d start with some panel beating, but it’s probably a write off.


Mutch has hardly been hyped - It’s merely a discussion about a first year mid who spent his first year in the AFL, but has shown enough attributes to show he should play AFL in 2018 - He’s showing enough to indicate he will play many games for the club.


Is it an indictment on our 2017 that a first year player places 2nd in the B&F and didn’t make his debut whilst our Dad’s army limped into the finals and had their ■■■■■ handed to them once again?


I wouldn’t read to much into the VFL best and fairest results.

Would have been nice for Mutch to get a run though.


I agree with your sentiment Dell. Would loved for Mutch to get a Match.

But the VFL b&f voting process is pretty heavily favoured towards people who play every game because you score votes in every game.

Hocking won the thing…


Mutch a smoky for a R1 debut?


Mutch, Langford and Begley putting in a great effort considering their solid frames.


Good to see he has a good engine.


looks ready to make he’s debut in 2018


I’m genuinely excited to see this guy get a game.

But to be fair, I’m looking forward to Lav, THE, Fridge, Guelfi and Franga getting games.

Who am I kidding. I’m just excited. I’m off to the lid off thread.



reckon he’ll be a very good player for us, all aboard the hype train


Certainly filled out his physique plenty since being drafted. Can see why they had started playing him in more inside role later in year.

Ball winner who is great on both sides with elite tank & terrific overhead.

Should definitely debut in 2018


Kobe "The Lochness"Muntchta.


I thought he’d been described more as competent on both sides rather than great so far


Plenty of comments on his ability on both feet


Sorry, I was meaning by the VFL watchers.
I guess what i’m saying is (and i’m largely going on reports because i didn’t see much VFL this year), is that whilst his non-preferred foot is way better than most players, his preferred foot is solid but not outstanding.
Anyway, hopefully it’s closer to great on both sides and he gets a run this year.


He’s neat on both sides without being penetrating.


Didn’t get a full pre-season




I’m all prepped to hop aboard the hype train for this kid.

Looks like I’m gonna be delayed at the station a while longer…