#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


Oh, don’t…


You’re his manager aren’t you :slight_smile:


Haha! Nah. He is just one of those players that moves really well. Its funny what someone was saying above because I really liked Ricky Dyson as well. Thought he was one of the few in our team at the time who could hit a target.


They have a plan for Jackson & his future, and from what I’ve heard, although not as quickly as would be preferable, …it would seem he is so far ticking off the boxes


Can you expand on that?


You know how Langford needs 19 weeks in the VFL getting 30 touches every week because he had 2 quiet AFL games?? Yeah well Jerrett has had about 14 quiet AFL games in a row. Pencil him in for a triumphant return about round 20,

In 2023


Ignorance is Blitz.


We laugh at Carlton for the last 15 years as Ryan Houlihan epitomize exactly the soft, sh*t club that they were.

But Ricky Dyson was that for us. I have no idea How that bloke stayed on the list for so long. But it was the exact example how ■■■■ our club has been, and was laughable so many supporters loved him.

He was a good user of the football, but other than that was soft with no defensive elements to his game. The amount of times we’d play a man on man defence and he was the only bloke zoning off, it was literally ever game…
Anyway!!! So many frustrations for so long.

Jackson Merrett is simply the wrong body shape for the style of game he wants to play. He’s an inside midfielder in a wingers body. His clean hands and hand balling speed is elite. But he simply can’t ustile this skill with the slight body shape he has. If he had nuggetty size of His brother he’d be a very solid player.


I have not seen anything like this? If he had some ability in a contest he’d be playing every week. Just very very outside for mine and not really quick or damaging enough to justify a spot on that alone.


Kav was an inside player with a wingers body.


It think this is the problem. Because of his shape, he is penciled in as a outside player, and maybe he himself isn’t playing to his strengths. But his hands are very good, and I’m not at all surprised many people haven’t seen it.


Other than they think he’s worth keeping, and are determined to find his best position / role, . not really.

My thoughts?

I was sure they had him working on defensive running/pressure acts,. so as to get him in on a HFF, sort of an more tenacious Monfries, … lately though, … a couple of things have made me think maybe the thought is as a plug & play utility, able to fill in for injuries in a number of roles.


I think his disposal by foot is his strength, I thought he went backwards last year cos he wasn’t getting it out in space as much.


How do you know they think he is worth keeping? That surprises me as i thought they’d stamped his papers.

I rate him which puts me in the minority on here. I just think he lacks confidence. Reminds me a lot of caracella. But with more pace


I reackon he will play the last few rounds in a high possession position to boost his value and then be traded.




Matthew Watson style.

Kick 4 against essington get a contract.


They think he’s worth keeping? They’d wanna get a move on. He has 10 weeks to earn another contract.


Don’t reckon Kav’s body held him back at all


Guessing they thinking worth keeping as a depth player that will cost fark all contract wise.

Fact he can play fwd/wing/back a plus for him. Can come in and do a job but not in our best side.