#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


All the best, Jacko.

Would love to keep him around in the VFL if he’s willing - his class really shines at that level and he’s been a great leader for the younger blokes coming through.


Take this in the spirit it is intended but how would you know anything about him in order to justify that comment? You don’t go to training, meetings, games or anything. You actually have no idea what’s going on and judge his worth from 1000’s of kms away.


But you know that is our approach to list management right?


Last comment on this as l don’t want to repeat myself. If Jackson was worth playing he would have gotten more games. Simples. Multiple coaches have seen fit not to select him, and replays showed he didn’t get involved as much as he needed to in order to keep his place.


And don’t think able to win enough contested footy. You can’t just be a receiver in the modern game.


This. Worsfold was clearly never a fan. Once he came Jacko’s days were numbered IMHO


There was a game in 2016 I think where Jerrett came in and got a fair bit of the ball but was just blind kicking it out of packs. Got dropped and basically never came back.


Was it the Port Power game in Adelaide early on?


I hope he gets picked up by another club. A complete change of scenery and he might do OK.



Out of Zacks shadow, and way clear of the drama he went through with the Saga, and all the head fk’s he’s gone through with knocking on the door then breaking a fetlock … and a fresh start.


Am firmly of the belief that it was all between the ears with him in the same way it was with Leroy. Plenty of skill.

Thanks for (presumably) giving it your best shot Jackson


When he couldn’t cement his place in the team in 2016 his days were numbered.


It was that Port game in round 3… Woosha never forgave him for that.


About time we delist this guy. terrible player.


Was a totally different player at vfl level. And I’m talking about his attitude and attack in the ball. I reckon he was good enough. I think his issue was a laxk of confidencr and self belief.

Always rated him.and thought he’d come good. Never got a sustained run at it like others. Always dropped after his first bad game.

Hope he gets a chance elsewhere as he could play a role.


Yep I remember that. I thought at the time “oh well, that’s horrible, but he’s a good kick so it isn’t something he’s going to keep doing”. But sadly he did keep finding ways to underachieve relative to what he seemed capable of achieving.
I’m hoping Lav doesn’t have the same trait. He strikes me as a very good kick who just goes weak at the knees in front of goal.


Interesting player. I’m not sure the club - nor more importantly, he - ever really worked out exactly what sort of player he was.

I was watching a lot of VFL when he first arrived, and recall vividly a passage of play at the QEO where he gathered a loose ball in the back pocket. Handpass, overlap to get it back, precise kick to player in centre, keep running for handball receive , drilled pass onto chest of leading forward. It was a lovely mix of gut running, decent pace and beaut skills. He was willing to work to get involved multiple times, and I hoped we may have a quicker version of Stants.

But somewhere along the line, gradually, he became pigeoned as the small, clever forward. Even at VFL level, where the smaller grounds force a higher level of contested work on the mids, his midfield impact never really took off and his strengths got blanketed by his light frame, game style etc.

As it turns out, not quite up to AFL standard for a sustainable period. But the disparaging remarks are unfair, particularly from keyboard warriors who probably dream of only ever playing one game. Jackson played plenty, and some were extremely good.

I hope he sticks around and plays with the VFL if another club doesn’t throw him a lifeline. But he may head home to help with the family.


I always assume that people who use a player’s delisting to lay the boots in are the kind of people who’d show up at an ex’s funeral to re-litigate the break up one last time.


The fact that he’s now delisted doesn’t alter the truth that he was crap at AFL level.


Nobody’s asking you to eulogise him.