#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


I feel sad for him and hope he mades a success from now on. He seemed to be great in his first year, but just didn’t come on, and in fact went backwards, at least at senior level.


Nor does it alter the fact that he was a better footballer than half the players who get drafted into the AFL


Yep. Like Hawthorn or Collingwood- would be great for him to clog their list for a while.


It’s a good point that.

His contemporaries were Nob, Kav and Alex Brown. He has had a way better career than them. In a way the true spuds are not even remembered but the nearly there guys like jerret do get remembered and unfairly labeled as being worse than they actually were.


There’s also far more forgettable players than that trio in any draft

Incidentally, I noticed the other day that the 2007 draft wikipedia page says we drafted a guy called Jason D’urso with the last live pick in the draft. I have no memory of this guy, nor can I find any evidence that he ever existed outside of that


Haha I’ve never heard of that guy!

Sure it’s not a fake Wikipedia entry.


Nor have I, which means he doesn’t exist.


Yeah that’s what I figured, but I thought I’d put it out there in case someone knew


Reckon Jason made that entry himself.


Despite all the mentions in the training reports, I could never find that ‘Willy Binn’ on our list either.


Playing for Peel in the WAFL next year


He might be a very good WAFL player. It was suggested by many that a lack of self confidence was a major problem for him, and in the WAFL that might not be the case.


He’d been one of our better players and important in the win over the demons. His dropping was out of order and I think in hindsight destroyed his chances of making it.

I was supportive of him getting an extension at the end of 2016, although I thought two years was too long.


He got a 2 year extension til the end of 2017 during 2015.
At the end of 2017 he was extended for 1 more year. That seemed nearly as surprising then as Long getting an extra year at the end of 2018


You’re right, I’m out by a year. It was the 2015 extension I thought he was lucky to get two years.


I reckon the saga probably got him that extension. I know players weren’t suspended at that point but the club probably wanted stability and they may have also thought some players would perform better when it was all over, even ones like Jackson who weren’t under the cloud of a possible suspension.


He was good against Melbourne, no doubt. He followed that up with one of the great Barry Crockers of recent time the next week against Port.

It was probably harsh to drop him (and for about 10 weeks), but it didn’t come out of nowhere


Good luck to him. I hope he rips up the turf.


Yeah, but for a confidence player who up to that game had been one of our better players with the 2016 circumstances I think it nailed his coffin shut. He might not have made it if he’d stayed in, but I think his chances would have been better.

And by my memory he wasn’t alone against Port.


I think his biggest problem was he wasn’t his brother. And people expected him to be. Woosha stamped his papers the day he got there. After that it was just a matter of time. Was never going to be a real star but could have added value. Hope he goes well in the West