#20 Jackson “Jerrett” Merrett


He was a good runner
A good kick
Went to the right positions

He was crap one on one


Had some things.
Not quite enough of them.


Absolute rubbish. Although he may have put too much pressure on himself because of his brother


Jacko is a very serious man who analyses everything. Zach is the opposite.
Jacko lost the pleasure and as a consequence wasn’t playing up to the standard he can.
Reckon he’ll find that pleasure again at a less intense level.
Hope he does anyway, he’s a very nice bloke.


zach seems a very serious and focused person.


It’s seriously got nothing to do with the face he wasn’t as good as his brother. He just wasn’t that good. To blame coaches comparing him to Zach is bizzare tbh


No doubt Zach does a lot of work but he strikes me as one of those kids that just has it without spending heaps of time on the mental side of things.


Zerrett had no right to be playing games in his first year, given he wasn’t even fit by 17YO standards, given he gave up cricket for footy fairly late.

The fact is, Bomber could see that he had “it” from very early on, and thank goodness for his relative lack of football background, or he wouldn’t have slid to where he did (pick 26).

You couldn’t argue that he doesn’t have high professional standards, because he does, but he also is much more a natural footballer than Jackson.

I hope Jackson enjoys Peel and not being compared as much to Zac, perhaps particularly by himself.


I wasnt stating that the coach expected him to be his brother.


That’s literally the first couple of sentences of your post mate.

  • You are assuming that sentence three is referring to sentence two.
  • Which it wasnt.
  • Seperate points.
  • Next time I will dot point.


Bizzare to structure a paragraph that way then.


Mate, anyone reading that paragraph would interpret it that way. If you want to change the flow of thought, split it into two paragraphs.


Not really. Each sentence is a seperate point.
I don’t agree with what she said re Worsfold’s attitude, but I didn’t find it confusing to read.


He wrote a sentence saying that some people rated Jerrett down due to his brother and directly followed it with one saying Woosh wrote him off from when he arrived. The natural interpretation is to assume that the person is following standard paragraph etiquette, in which case the sentences are linked and should be taken as flowing one from the other. If they are separate points, this should be made clear.


It’s she not he, and when I read it I linked the first two sentences to each other, and the third as another point. I guess it all comes down to your interpretation.


Can we please decide whether Scorpio is a witch or not?
All this kindling is getting heavy.


I like fire.

Oh, that comment has no relationship with any of the posts surrounding it.


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I got offered one this morning as I was walking around in Hoi An