#20 Jackson Merrett


So next year when Jerrett gets delisted does that mean we don’t want Zerrett anymore? What is it they say about opinions again?


There’s something not quite right here: Bob Shearman died in 1999, aged 59.


The talk about him staying to keep his brother happy is utter crap. We are talking about professional football not an under 8s competition.

If it had been a stronger draft or if we had earlier picks he’d have most likely been delisted but if the club is tossing up between him and a 4th or 5th rounder its a nonbrainer. Jerret every day of the week.

The way people are talking about him is ridiculous. He has played some genuine good football. He hasn’t racked up huge numbers but what he does he does well.

It’s clear woosha has asked him.to work on specific things which its sounds like he is.

If it was a multi year deal i couls understand the rage. Its a one yeat deal and given the context it’s a good decision.

I just hope all the people lamentimg his signing get behind him. No wonder there is an increase in mental health issues among footballers. When your own supporters are screaming you havent got the chop it cant help.

He’ll be in red and black next year and I’ll be hoping he does enough to get another contract


There’ve been plenty of credible alternative reasons given by other posters in this thread already. Why do you have to act the maggot ?


Yes. People have very short memories.


Can only assume that merrett and long were given contracts due to the weak draft. Can’t see either of then being a part of our future


Yep. Any other explanations like average VFL form is stretching it IMO.


Is it really an act, though?


The club rates next year’s draft pool highly. To bring in 3 best 22 players via trading and keeping r1 and r2 next year was massive.

Thus, giving another year to guy’s like long, Merrett etc. essentially avoids taking players very late in the draft on two year deals.

Thus, it will help create list spots more easily next year if these guys don’t make it.

The club is happy to back them in for one more because it considers them superior to what will be around late in the draft.


I reckon that last ask if a handful of preseason games and was abandoned because it looked awful. He then went forward and my impression was that he played in a deeper role then he had previously


Beg to differ, both have very sensible haircuts


Also, I like Jerrett but I doubt he will make it, has all the tools but lacks the hunger.


And I totally agree with this approach - however I would’ve kept one of Bird/Howlett/Hocking over Jerrett if it’s likely to be a one year contract before delisting next year (to make room for more kids in a stronger draft).

With Stringer & Smith coming to the club, plus hopefully an injury-free Laverde, Jerrett’s chances of getting a game up forward are even less than they have been over the past two seasons.

If we’re handing out one year contracts to players who can help us in case of emergency, then surely the priority should be areas of the ground where we have the least amount of depth (ie mature-bodied inside mids & rucks) - this is also why I was in favour of holding onto Smack for 2018.

All that aside, good luck to Jerrett and I wish him all the best - he’s been a great leader in the VFL and who knows, maybe he’ll turn it around and find a few more tricks that can elevate him into the senior side.


Except every article ever written about him has noted he has the hunger, and drives himself and others very hard, and that his biggest problem has always been that he puts too much pressure on himself and gets a bit down on himself when he makes mistakes etc.


The depth you talk about is what Bomberblitz thinks we lack in and not necessarily what the club does.

We have had many opportunities to draft and trade for these types but we haven’t. I think it’s time we move on from that and be open minded about the direction the club is going in.

We had a midfield of Jobe, Hocking, Heppell, Myers, Howlett and many other contested/slow midfielders and we didn’t ever look like winning a flag.

Times are a changing and the clubs are usually far more aware of it than the average supporter.


The only final we played this year we got flogged in contested possession/clearances - we could have had 22 Jackson Merrett’s out on the ground at the same time & the Swans still would have won handsomely.


Swans were brilliant in the first final… They would have beaten any side in the competition that day.
The following week a team of 22 Jackson Merrets would have beaten them.


No they wouldn’t have


What the point of this comment? No-one is looking for 22 Jackson Merretts


Hey. Take it easy.