#20 Jackson Merrett


The point is you need some grunt in the middle to clear the ball out to the outside blokes like Jerrett. Without that, you are basically a team of ball watchers hoping that someone will get their hands dirty & get in there & get the aget.
Watch that Swans game, Kennedy/Parker etc flogged us in the guts were it counts


A swans game at the SCG isn’t the be all and end all of AFL.


Then they got flogged on the expanses of the MCG.


If so many of here are saying that we need more & more runners & less inside players, what was the point of playing Jobe last season & what is the point of having Hep & Myers on the list?

Let’s just fill our side with Craig Bradley’s, then we can’t lose.


It was to us this season, you sound like you weren’t upset about the result of this game?? We got our pants pulled down, it was a disgrace


Disappointed at the result. Sure. I’d loved to have won.

Upset? Nope, I was pretty much aware that we were long odds to win.

A disgrace??? No way. We went into that final away from home, with a couple of destabilising injuries leading into the day, against the side many considered the form side in the competition, whose strength was our weakness.


Swans then got torn apart by pressure and run of Cats

Only need to look at Tigers side to see how many big bodied inside mids were needed.

3 - Martin, Caddy, Graham

Graham was a 6 gamer who tagged Sloane. And the other two were playing a switch role with each other fwd.

Their other main mids were Cotchin & Prestia who wouldn’t be classed as big bodied mids. They are quick and can win contested ball though & tackle.

Stringer. Hep. Langford/Myers is enough. With Smith. Parish. Zerrett. Zaka around them.

And Goddard as well was excellent as inside mid when he was being played there earlier in year.


Doesn’t seem that long ago. I’d have said maybe 2010 at the earliest.


Most on here are actually agreeing with you in regards to getting more grunt in our midfield.

I don’t think it was any great surprise that Smith was attracting far more attention than Kennedy was in the trade period.

The game is leaning towards players that can get it done on the outside as well as the inside.

The best midfielders in the game are very good at winning the contested ball but they are known more for what they can do once on the outside.

The AFL wants less stoppages not more and they are doing everything in their power to make sure that happens.


And yet we have less cover for injuries next season in this department than we did in 2017. Can you see what I’m getting at?
If Hep goes down with injury in 2018, we are gonna be stuffed for clearances.

Stringer & Langford are nowhere near proven in this department, we have zero depth for inside mids. Plus you liked KM’s post that we need more grunt in the middle, but then say we have enough??


Yeah, I agree we are going to be small in the middle this season.

But what we may have is class extractors. I don’t know for certain as we didn’t see a lot of it in 2017. But there is some chance it will work.


FFS The decision has been made yet you lot keep going on and on and on about the same thing. Give it a rest for a change, it isn’t achieving anything. FFS


ummm… so reviews aren’t your thing?


Yeah, you never bang on about things ad nauseum, do you IT?
Stones & glass houses & all that?

If you & Wim get into a back & forth, it goes on FOREVER…


The crap going on here has nothing to do with reviews, it is a bunch of people that seem to think they know more about list management and what the club needs than the club itself. My personal opinion is that most in here couldn’t even manage a work roster.


boo farkety hoo, club makes decision, forum goes on about it until something else happens


I choose instead to judge him by how he looks


If we can’t back Stringer and Langford (and Begley and Mutch and clarke and Pick 48 and…) to give us more than 2017 Jobe or 2017 Hocking or 2017 Myers then we shouldn’t bother fielding a side.

Having crap slow old blokes turning the ball over and offering nothing other than winning some scrappy clearances is hardly the holy grail. Improvement will come through adding and developing quality young players, not patching holes to our 2014 list. The game has clearly changed.


Sorry if I didn’t explain myself well enough. I think we have enough grunt.

It’s players that can get from contest to contest and get it done on the outside that we didn’t have enough of.

I believe the additions of Saad (release McGrath), Stringer and Smith will help us immensely.

We still have lots of growth to come in most of our mids due to them being talented and still young and developing.

Having Jobe, Myers and Heppell all together in our midfield has held us back for a decade and guys like Hocking and Howlett weren’t going to fix that. We finished 6th for centre clearances this year which indicates the big body’s helped around the contest, but finished dead last for stoppages because our mids couldn’t cover the ground fast enough to get to more contests.

I think Skipworth will come with a fresh approach this preseason and we will see much better structures around the ball and I expect our midfield will improve dramatically.

In my opinion we need to continue to add class to our midfield and not more grunt.


Has he had a haircut or removed tattoos yet?