#20 Jackson Merrett


Where did I say not to back them in? I just said they were unproven.
And all I’m saying about Hocking is in regards to DEPTH, you know for when someone like Hep & Myers gets injured - & if Smith is all he is cracked up to be, maybe Myers becomes DEPTH too.

I would have thought you would be the last person to back Jerrett over Hocking, at least Buddha has won us the odd game off his own boot (& gives us strength around the contest).

Jerrett hears footsteps, I don’t know why he has so many fans on here


Ok so you’re saying this is a place where people can express opinions? :smile:


I don’t know why your arguing over Jerrett vs Hocking / Howlett

Completely different player types

No one is suggesting Jerrett is a topline player, but what he can give to team covering as a quick pressure small fwd or on a wing we have no one else who could do it on our list right now. It’s why he was named emergency numerous times.

Whereas your 15 possession inside mid is easily covered by any number of players, who also would provide better run / spread / pressure than the H’s


I would say that the club think they have inside depth covered - Langford obviously spent last season in the VFL learning the craft. He will be a 4th year player and has enough runs on the board to get first crack in the middle. Hocking won the BnF of our VFL team, but 2 other young inside mids placed in the top 10 in Mutch and Clarke. From what I hear Clarke is still a little way off, but we shouldn’t be surprised to see Mutch play AFL next year. The club has obviously evaluated their list and see that with the club is well stocked for inside mids. Stringer was also bought in to be a big bodied mid.

So the question isn’t whether Jackson Merrett should have been retained on a one year contract, but whether Langford and Mutch can provide the big bodied mid depth.


At 2.20 into this video Woosha discusses our inside mid depth


As expected.

I’m surprised at the amount of surprise.


I’ve said this a number of times but I think our midfield will be a real strength sooner rather than later.

We are starting to get some real talent in there and now its just about setting up solid systems and structures and they will flourish.


I’m surprised by the ferocity of the debate over who is a better place holder for the 2018 draft.

Whether it was Hocking, howlett or Jerret they would all be pretty close to the bottom of the pile as depth options for any number of roles.

I’d hope we prioritise the development of Mutch Begley Clarke etc regardless of who the place holder was. I think it is fair to say if we are getting so deep into our list that the place holder is getting a game, we’re no chance any way so development should be the focus.

With that in mind the only other relevant criteria to assess the place holder on is upside or potential trade value. Jerret’s prospects in this regard may be limited but given his age there is at least some chance of a late blooming mirical.

I can see the logic in the decision. Equally I wouldn’t be in the least bit concerned if it were Hocking and howlett providing extra strength and leadership in the vfl.

Regardless, good luck Jerret, I hope it happens for you.


end of the day the clubs choosing 3 players out of 6 that could barely make the afl team.

and youth alwayss trumps age when its the fringe.


Name them


As you wish…

Worsfold has identified Kobe Mutch, Josh Begley, Kyle Langford and Jayden Laverde as potential options for more time in the AFL side's midfield.


But Hocking wasn’t even considered midfield depth this year, he played one game early, looked about a minute behind the pace, his only game after that he was a pinch hit forward. do you really see him improving that much next year?


OK I get it, you think Jerrett is a better player than Hocking, I don’t


Besides Langford, the rest are outside types.

I’m baffled with this train of thought that Mutch is an inside player, he is the most wingiest wing that ever winged. And I have him first in line, miles ahead of Jerrett when a spot opens up next year.


Looks like he’ll be a great clearance player to me.


You fkn wot mate?

Begley was called fridge for a reason. He is stocky as with huge quads. Was playing inside mid in latter part of his juniors footy and dominating. Dodoro stated he picked him to play midfield in future.

Laverde is a physical specimen who most tout as being big enough to hold down a 3rd tall/medium fwd spot. He is no skinny outside type, and is very aggressive as well.

Mutch certainly wiry but will bulk up. Lacks the pace to play pure outside mid in seniors. Serious accumulator of the footy and his VFL 2nd in B&F in 1st year already shows he is tracking beautifully.

I think I’ll be backing Worsfold & the list managers in as knowing what players are/will be capable of.

Even if some are only marginally behind what Hocking / Howlett could offer (debatable), they wouldn’t have taken long to pass them and still have not even remotely reached their ceilings as players. Whereas the H’s have & gone backwards.



I don’t think they have all that much to do with each other.
Hocking was obviously not going to get back there. And if you disagree with that, I can’t help you.

Jerrett probably won’t either.


All I ever said was I would have kept Hocking (didn’t even mention Bobcat, wtf has he got to do with anything?) over Jerrett, end of story.

If you believe otherwise, good for you.

I’d take a fellow who tackles, blocks & is a competitive beast, over a bloke who sleeps with the lights on any day of the week.

If you want a quick goer, look at Nick Hind, that’s who I’d have in. He’s quick, unpredictable, loves a run & a goal


I agree.

A bit to vanilla for a wing/outside type in todays game but has all the skills to become a solid clearance player.


I’d urge you to look at Begley a bit closer. One I’m very excited about.