#20 Jackson Merrett


Yeah, I agree.
Not only does he suit, but that’s where he’ll be most valuable to us.
We’re building a nicely balanced in/out/def/att midfield.


Okay, serious opinion now.
It’s a dud decision. On the back of several dud decisions on people who were never going to make it.
No-one thinks he’ll make it.
And that’s unfortunate, but…you know…not everyone makes it.
He’ll be 25 before the season starts.

Oh, he’s a better option than pick 90?
I don’t think so.
And I don’t think he’s a better option than a few DFA’s.

If it’s ist management for the next draft, then, okay.

That’s it, though.
Good luck.


I reckon it’s time to move on. Everyone has an opinion of who we should keep and who we should let go. Assuming Morgan is irrelevant as he chose to leave, I would have kept Bird above Jerrett.
Ultimately I think the club has decided Bird and Howlett are on the downslope and slow compared to Jerrett who may even still improve and is not slow. If so I’m fine with the decision.


I know what you mean ! He married young, all right, but probably not as young as 9, though — unless he was a really early developer…


He was a dud plain and simple.


Rubbish…I don’t understand this bull siht of calling guys who actually play at the highest level “duds”
They get drafted for a reason. They may or may not make it at the highest level, but they are still infinitely better players than any of us.
FWIW I don’t think 99 games is “dud” worthy. He may have been a limited footballer, but he worked his butt off, even with spurs in his hip and I think his ankle…he deserved every game he played.
Did the job asked of him by the coaches at the time.
The game changed, got quicker and required players to be more attacking and dangerous when they got the ball. Slatts couldn’t adapt quick enough.
Plenty of more talented players have played less games than Henry.


Best 22 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Like every other term people use when talking about footballers, it’s relative. We describe players who are taller than the national average as midgets because they’re short for AFL footballers. We call players who could run most people into the ground unfit because they’re unfit for the requirements of AFL football. Someone can get drafted and be better than anyone you’ve ever played with and be a dud AFL footballer. In day to day life Dangefield is lightning fast, in the AFL he has elite pace, in Olympic sprinting he’s a dud.


Has anyone actually debated that? I mean ever, in Blitz history?
I’m sure every single delisted who never plays a game will be more than good state league/local league players. Good on them.


Dud is definitely unfair. However he was one of the more ordinary players I’ve ever seen get close to that amount of games. He just did not do anything well. With that in mind he was seriously lucky to get to that amount of games. Playing injured and trying hard does not mean you deserve games. It comes to output.
Trent McKenzie was delisted this year averaging 5 more possessions than Slattery and poseses a decent kick.
No doubt he was well liked and a great clubman. I for one was relieved when he was delisted because it meant we could not possibly select him and effectively play with one less player.


That’s a nice description and answer. Personally, I dislike calling players names, even opposition players. But you did well with that explanation. The height analogy is one I often think of.


If he gets a house + makes some contacts and/or learns some skillz for a career post futbol then he would have done well. Very well indeed.


You should be his agent.


I know of 3 guys who’ve been on AFL lists (and 2 of them played games, although not many) who have been just solid when they got back to park footy. 1 of them really baffling he ever got that far.

I think it shows how much is down to competing and training against really top talent. Once you’re out of that environment, some of these guys slip back to the pack really really quickly.


Chris Judd doesn’t like cats. Get him.


I charge a very high fee.


fark Judd hulk smash


Suspect Henneman was a good example of Hap’s theory of AFL listed just going in suburban footy.


Would be pretty hard to get motivated to play good suburban footy after being delisted from an afl club. Couple that with the fact most blokes would have a couple of taggers assigned to them it’s no surprise


Tell that to Gary ‘Stratosphere’ Moorcroft.