#20 Jackson Merrett


People need to keep telling me he'll make it or they're finding a role for him in the VFL. Only reason he's on a list still is because of his brother.


This is THE most depressing player thread ever.
You'd rather have people ragging on you than this.


Recruiters haven't got anywhere near enough right between picks 15-35ish in recent years.

2010 - Steinberg (pick #31) FAIL
2011 - Kav (pick #19) FAIL
2011 - Jerrett (pick #31) FAIL
2012 - Ashby (pick #34) FAIL
2013 - Zerrett (pick #26) GOOD
2014 - Langford (pick #17) ????
2014 - Laverde (pick #20) ????
2015 - Morgan (pick #29) Not Looking Good
2015 - Redman (pick #30) ????

2016 way too early still. 9 second round picks over 6 drafts would want to produce more than 1 gun.


The most obvious delisting ever


Forgot he was still on the list, poor ■■■■■■■


I reckon you'll find quite a few of those years the 'meh' guys we got are at least as good as those who went soon after.

Which I think says the value of these picks are overrated.


If anyone could be bothered, it would be informative if someone could list the five players who have played the most games (or who are obviously quality) picked later from each draft year from the subsequent 17 picks (~all other sides have made their call on who is best available player for that round or so). That is a lot fairer measure of the relative success of the pick.


I thought it would be interesting to see the hawks in that time. Interesting reading. I called their trades fails because if they are not producing for you it is a fail on your behalf.

2010 - Mitch Hallahan traded fail
2011 - Bradley Hill - traded fail
2012 - Tim O'Brien - ???
2013 - Billy Hartung - win
2014 - Daniel Howe - ???
2015 - no pick fail
2016 - no pick fail


If you turn the photo of him in the opening post upside down, he smiles.


You couldn't honestly call Brad Hill a fail. Was instrumental in their 3-peat.


As i said, I am only calling him a fail because he is no longer there when they actually need him. But he wasn't a fail in a pure footy sense.


The next 17 picks after pick 31 Jackson Merret (54 games).

32 Joel Hamling Geelong - 32 games 3 Clubs
33 Bradley Hill Hawthorn - 105 games 2 Clubs
34 Shane Kersten Geelong - 46 games 2 Clubs
35 Daniel Markworth St Kilda - 0 games
36 Rory Taggert Melbourne - 0 games
37 Jack Newnes St Kilda - 101 games (but Saints did fail at pick 35)
38 Jordan Kelly Hawthorn - 0 games 3 clubs
39 Michael Talia Western Bulldogs - 31 games 2 clubs
40 Tom Curran North Melbourne - 0 games - still trying to get over injury
41 Mitchell Grigg Adelaide - 20 games
42 Jimmy Webster St Kilda - 58 games
43 Jordan Lockyer Sydney - 0 games
44 Sam Rowe Carlton - 82 games - after being delisted for 0 games by Sydney in 2007
45 Brendon Ah Chee - Port Adelaide - 25 games
46 Nicholas Joyce - Adelaide - 0 games
47 Patrick Wearden - Brisbane Lions - 0 games
48 Jordan Murdoch - Geelong - 54 games

Analysis: The only 2 clubs to pick a player who is still at their club and has played more than fifty games with their first pick after Jackson were Carlton with Sam Rowe who was a mature age player who will be 30 this year (so he was about Jackson's age now when they picked him) and Freo win hands down with their first pick (delayed pick) after Jackson, which was pick 58 Lachie Neale. And if we are being honest Bradley Hill wasn't a bad pick either.

I might have been a bit tough on St Kilda with Daniel Markworth suffering a lot of injuries and them also picking Jack Newnes and Jimmy Webster.

But overall, the chances of picking a winner (a serviceable player) in this part of the draft are about 30% on average, and the chance of striking gold probably about 10%.

You have to judge the gems over time though, plenty thought Hooker was nothing special, it took over 5 years for Essendon FC to fully appreciate him, having offered to trade him at the end of 2012 to West Coast, and we have Cale to thank for that not happening as he had the final say so because he was contracted. It took a full 5 years for Jobe to reach 50 games with it taking to his 4th year to get more than 7 games a season, and how long did it take us to fall in love with Ambrose.


Our recruiters suck because every pick hasn't been awesome.


nailed it


I'd put redman in the same category as Morgan. Every time I've seen him at vfl level he just looks to be there.


In that list from Carey, there are only 2 players we can does about that we didn't pick them (newnes and hill). 2 out of 17

maybe just a ■■■■ draft?


Whatever happened to jerrett?


Hamling is decent IMO and I rate Kersten. You'll all call them spuds no doubt though


Hartung a win for Hawthorn??

Fringe player, even this year when they're rubbish.


Tim o brien looks ok but he's only really played this year
Ginger chf/chb
Couldn't call him a win or loss yet