#20 Jackson Merrett


except Jackson is taller than Zach


Err no? Delist him and give him a VFL spot if the club is so committed to keeping them together. Jackson wont be in the seniors anytime soon so I’m not sure theres much ‘being able to play in the same side’ appeal.

Zachs going to be fkg captain of the club and people still think that the club is worries that if his little bro isnt at the same club as him, that he’ll leave? fark me, the more i think about it the more ridiculous it gets.


Hardly got a game in 2016 in possibily one of the worst sides in AFL history.

Unlikely to get a game in any top 4 side


I’m guessing he only got another contract because he’s deemed better than giving pick 105 in the draft a mandatory 2 year deal. Battling big time.


Good call. Disco said during the inter-club next crop is a bumper.


That’s not quite what I meant.

I’m suggesting we will be a top 4 side and some other team may want a peice of it. Just like we went after Prismal when Geelong was a super team and we forked over a pick.

So we are great and we have a player that could have been delisted for years and if we got a pick for him I would attempt a few cartwheels.


Prismall was playing in the 1’s for Geelong for most of the year prior to us getting him though.
So Merrett would need to step up. I can’t see any club being interested in him unless he has a bigger year and somehow forces his way into the team for at least half a dozen games


I was being a tad ridiculous but they are similar types and Prismal worked his way in on the back of a few injuries. Unlikely but could happen.

Good teams get something for their rejects, hopefully that window opens up for us over the next few trade periods with our fringe players.


Also didnt help prismall was coming off an ACL. They got Motlop with our pick we traded for prismall too


Those other two players you mentioned don’t have a gun brother playing for the team.


My best position is Half Forward, but I can’t even get on the list. This is discrimination I tell ya!


It’s classic Blitz that, although he’s not best 22, I thought he at least deserved credit for a decent showing on Saturday.
Didn’t imply anything else but credit where credits due.
Suddenly the thread is flooded with list clogging posts.
I assume in most cases these were left on the clipboard to paste into every future mention of Jackson Merrett.
OK but;
So long as these same Blitzers don’t also carry on about the media’s prejudices re players and their inability to recognise Essendon greatness

  • see Zach Merrett and how slow most commentators were to acknowledge just how good he is as an exemplar.

A real life example of how many times in footy you see what you expect to see.
And how hard to shift perceptions.
You ■■■■ one goat …



Sadly he is keeping a seat warm for a recruit at the end of the year.
He looked promising at times but it has not worked. He’s still had a decent AFL career so well done to him for making it this far.


In my mind we still have a spot for a small back.
Maybe worth a shot as i really want mcg in the midfield.


This post would’ve been accurate 24 months ago


Yep, I liked the look of him early but it’s been clear for sometime he wasn’t going to come on (which for the record I don’t think is the clubs fault).


Turns 25 tomorrow and has played 54 games.
The most baffling list management decision of 2017 - he should have been cut or if very lucky made a rookie.


Very lucky to be on our list. He is earning free money pretty much. I envy his life.