2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


If I was Melbourne i’d be very tempted to trade Hogan


When you are mouthing off at Sicily you can mouth off as much as you want


HAHAHHAHAH that was mint.




Hmm, hawthorn section has emptied out very very quicky


He turned it over. A lot.


Fark Melbourne though - they were knee deep in the supplements saga and were whitewashed, actually no, it was though Dank’s connection with Bates et al never existed. They should have been investigated just like we were.

I’m only barracking for Jake and Hibbo.




Imagine trying to say ‘Warple’ 5x hours in Mad Monday?


And ol mate “make sure you bring the good stuff” current coach of theirs.


Lol durea you squib

Eat a bag kennett


The way BT calls games as if they are still a contest when they are totally over is soooooo farking irritating


They’ll do West Coast.


Farking Bruce with “Poppy” :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

■■■■ off


I hope so but I’m doubtful.


Cry for me Kennett

Cry for me Mitchell

Cry for me smith

Cry for me Clarkson

Let me bask in the joy of your tears


Anyone else keen on the Flight Centre grrl?


Everything about that buffoon is irritating


Yeah I agree, and not just because I got on a Rich-Melb quinella at the start of the season at 75-1


Really?? We must be watching a different game. Best I’ve seen him play.