2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


i hate essendon right now. we should be here.


Can Isaac Smith please have a shot for goal after the siren and miss anyway? That would cap it off


Remember people sooking about Hawthorn rebuilding quicker than us? All that’s happened this year is their experiences players got them over the line multiple times this year and by the time they got to finals their experienced players were cooked.

Most of their kids are junk


Hawthorn supporters are the epitome of the old “ you only sing when your winning”




Jordan Lewis’s hair…it’s a wig ain’t it?


Then do his knee walking off


You can check the 2018 predictions thread where I picked a Rich Melb GF (and for us to finish 10th)


You’d only do it this year if it guaranteed both King twins, would set up their spine for a decade plus. Weidemann and McDonald would be enough talls up forward, they need some smalls up there though.


Haven’t beaten much tonight. Different kettle of fish going to Perth and beating a close to full strength eagles with their Umps.


Get your checkbook out Clarkson becuase your kids are garbage


I think it’s a hybrid.


■■■■ the hawks


Man Clarko is such a genius


Good stuff Melks and Pig.


Morrison is good.


Who does Hawthorn play next week?


D Pearce has a massive forehead.


Still would


Us in the vfl grand final