2018 Pre Season Discussion


I find it interesting that guys like Heppell and Merrett never seem to feature in these time trials.
Yet in games they have no trouble running games out or getting to contests. Do they just take these time trials easy?

McGrath as well I would have expected to go well.


Mutch was known to have huge tank. The kid is one super find.

Langford & Redman very impressive.

Great to see younger players pushing up, Zaka and Colyer in past been the ones trailing Stants and Ambrose in time trials.

This only 2km however so different to in games when our best runners are doing 10-15km


Goddard is probably our best runner.

I didn’t see them in the photos so maybe they don’t compete.


Gleeson could’ve jumped on Ambrose’ back and he wouldn’t have noticed.


Ambrose is a machine


Sydney have just offloaded a few in Laidler, Talia and Edwards, and Richards and McGlynn last year.




Francis not listed as running a ‘noteable’ PB


Did he even run it? I think he may be in first group but can’t be sure.

Was really hoping to see him smashing his Pb’s

Was definitely there however …


Don’t go there Speedy


In previous seasons he couldn’t complete 2km, so he didn’t have a time to beat this year :grinning:


So if he finished that would technically be a PB.


Francis didn’t run a PB??!!!

Break out the Panic Dollars Blitz!!!


In all seriousness re Francis, did he actually run?

He left the track early on Monday and was just running laps on Wednesday wasn’t he?


Disappointed that stringer didn’t run a pb as well.


I didn’t see Stringer, Smith or Francis in the video.


Very amused at this.

There is a player off to left hand side seemingly hiding behind bushes.

Is that you Frang?!! Bahaha!

Edit. It’s actually Smack.


Mutch will be a gun. Calling it. Hype train 2018.


It may be Stringer keeping a low profile from Susie O’Brien & Go_Team2.0



Is that bloke doing a Jamie Elliott?


If Mutch does turn out to be a gun… especially in 2018, that is a big bonus for us, plus probably a headache for the selectors