2018 Pre Season Discussion


I think you may spot Francis running on the oval in the video. Maybe the case where he really works on his fitness b4 christmas and be on a seperate program.

Therefore he joins full training in Jan in AFL condition which gives him the best chance to survive the intensity of the season


Endurance is great, and I’m really excited for the kid. But the question remains what his AFL position will be.

I think he has to make it as an inside mid. That being the case, I think 2018 is too early for him.

Great signs though… great signs.


He could always start as an outside mid and then graduate to inside in 2019.


As long as he beat Ryder.


Yep, I agree with all of that


Patrick Ambrose - Ran a PB, but nothing surprising here he is Crossfit.

Kobe Mutch - Encouraging pushing for a spot in the midfield, at least he will have engine for defensive actions

Dylan Clarke - Encouraging pushing for a spot in the midfield, at least he will have engine for defensive actions

Mason Redman - Bit of a surprise for me Good news he has been professional in his standards.

Kyle Langford - Big surprise the laconic kid is beating guys like Parish and Zakka at his size, doing hard yards to become our inside mid.

David Zaharakis - Par, letting a couple of kids beat him, but only early TT

Josh Begley - good news for Midfield aspirations and the Hype around the Mini-Bar will build.

Martin Gleeson - Featus very encouraging, his final game last year still burns bright, this could be a breakout year for the young man, altho it feels as though he has been around forever.


Clarke and Mutch both drafted as midfielders with elite endurance . Clarke was 3rd with a 9.52 over 3km at the 2016 Draft Combine and equal 4th in the beep test. I am not surprised those guys did well over 2km.


Yeah but did they run hard in BOTH directions?


Well not talking and saving your breath would help you run better


The AFL website reporting we have a new 2km time trial king. Not new, he beat Stants as far back as Feb 2015.

Its nice to get recognition on the AFL site though !


For those of us feeling starved of footy over the off-season, this is a good little watch. Skipworth interview (describes Francis as ‘ripped’ :grin:), some training footage and general fluffery.



As long as he beats the IT guy!!








Definitely looking trimmer.

Looks like footballer.

His development next season will be exciting.


And he out ran all of them