2018 Pre Season Discussion


Where’s the training report? Need to hear more hype about Franga!


It’s astounding.



Plus the training tops will almost certainly change for this season.


All the first to fourth year players rock up, and of course Heppell’s already there. Probably never left.


Is anybody else already really, really, tinkle in your pants excited? I sure as hell am!


Spotted New Lav (@S_K jnr) wearing #44 in the Justin Crow vid on club site.


Thanks for that. Luke has been allocated a number, but it isn’t 44. I assume he just given a jumper that would fit!

As I’m not sure of the protocols, I won’t reveal the number, other than to say it is around the mark for a Cat B rookie in his first year.


How has he settled in?


Haven’t been this excited for our list in over 10 years.


All the evidence suggests he’s going to be number 444 :slight_smile:



Oh baby.


The Gumby/pears/hislop days. The glory days


Yeah, pretty good. He will be eased in to preseason to ensure he doesn’t go too hard too early. Living with a couple of players in one of the share houses.

The trip to Darwin will be excellent for him to get to know many of those similar in age to him, which will settle him even further.


And Courtney Johns



That’s good.

First day of pre season and hit with 33 degree day must have been a bit of a shock. Darwin humidity is not going to offer any respite I guess.

So much excitement surrounds the club at the moment so it must be a thrill for him.


Here it comes…


The Darwin trip is a new format this year, and I think it will be great for the younger boys. Usually we only took 4 or 5 players up to do community work.

I hope your son loves it and I look forward to meeting you at some point soon.


Good call. I hope we keep the new format.


The plan at this stage is to do one year on and one year off - though I suspect that will depend on how the first year of the NGA goes - we may want to send players up more often.

I think this years trip will be an absolute hit also, so that may shape things.


Looking at the training pic of Francis - My observation from seeing him in the flesh in July was he slimmed down from year one, but had yet to develop a hard AFL body - Latest pic indicates he may have lost a touch of weight but the body is more toned, especially the top of his torso.